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Pre-Med, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Drug knowledge is the future of medicine

The physicians of the future will need to understand more than just the anatomy of the human body; they will need the skills to personalize medicine by tailoring drug therapies to each patient. Personalized medicine is the next big shift in medical care, and doctors who know about therapeutics, biological chemistry and even drug delivery methods will be in a position to advance medical care. The B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences program trains students to apply pharmaceutical knowledge in a way that prepares them for the future of medicine.

The B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences program is an excellent Pre-Med option for students at The University of Toledo.

Why study pharmaceutical Sciences? 

The B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences curriculum is comprised of courses in the basic natural sciences. The B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences curriculum also includes advanced courses in pharmacology and pharmaceutical chemistry that are unique to this major.

Make your medical school application stand out

Medical schools want candidates with research experience

The research internship and the many undergraduate research opportunities within the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences allow students to co-author publications as undergraduates, which will attract the attention of medical schools. Furthermore, working closely in the research laboratory of a world renowned researcher in the college can result in outstanding letters of recommendation that enhance your application to medical school.

The medical school interview is an important part of the application process

The B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences program has a yearlong Professional Development Institute that will build your professional behavior and communication skills and prepare you for the most important interview of your life.

Medical schools appreciate academic Variety

Advanced course work in the pharmaceutical sciences will diversify your educational experience beyond chemistry and biology courses. Pharmacology, which involves how drugs react in the body, is particularly valuable since many medical school courses are based on pharmacological principles. Majoring in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry or in Pharmacology/Toxicology will place you ahead of the curve in medical school and will make your medical school application unique.

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Last Updated: 12/22/22