College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

CD3 - Therapeutic Area and Technical Emphases

Depending upon the interest level expressed by external parties, focus groups or consortia can be readily established in selected therapeutic categories and technical areas. These groups would meet on a regular basis and bring together investigators from different technical backgrounds who share a general interest in the overall topic or have a specific interest in some aspect of the topic.

For example, some consortia already established and formalized internally because of compelling common interests, are listed below. Participating institutions and/or departments are indicated within parentheses.

  • Oncology-Basic Research, New Drug Discovery, Dietary Supplements (UT MC and HSC; SVMMC; BGSU)
  • Chiral Auxiliaries For Synthesis of Enantiomerically Defined Drugs
  • Molecular Modeling/Statistical Methods (UT MBC, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physics and Math Departments; Private Sector)
  • Critical Care And Topical Soft Drugs (UT; SVMMC)
  • Human Drug Metabolism Database (IUPAC; IUPHAR)

Technical descriptions of specific programs being undertaken witin the CD3's Research Portfolio are available upon request.

MBC - Medicinal and Biological Chemistry Department.
IUPAC - International Union of Pure & Applied Chemistry
IUPHAR - International Union of Pharmacology

Last Updated: 6/30/19