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Admission to the College Honors Program in Pharmacy

The College Honors Program is under the umbrella of the University Honors College.  Admission to the Pharmacy Program is administered by the University Honors College.  Admission to the Honors College is competitive and based on high school GPA, ACT or SAT scores, an essay, a résumé, and recommendations.  Students entering directly from high school should have a minimum of a 3.5 high school GPA (4.0 scale) and a 25 ACT/1200 SAT test score.  Admissions to the Honors College are granted on a space-available basis.  While students may enter the College Honors program after their first year, this is rare as the program is quite difficult to complete if the Honors courses available in the first year are not taken.


  • Enriched curriculum
  • Access to  separate, smaller Honors courses that focus on interactive learning 
  • Direct and personal interaction with leading faculty
  • Intensive academic advising
  • Honors independent study and research options
  • Opportunities to present research at national meetings and conferences
  • First-priority advanced registration
  • First choice of residence halls (granted for housing applications postmarked by March 31)
  • Opportunities for placement into nationally ranked graduate and professional schools

The Pharmacy Honors Program provides students opportunities to enrich their educational experience with small classes and recitations, to benefit from individual advising, to register early for optimal schedule selection, and to participate in individual research projects.  All College Honors students have a designated faculty Honors Program advisor.  This ensures continuity of advice and personal attention.  In the third or fourth year, all Honors students must choose a thesis or project and a faculty advisor under whom the thesis or project will be completed.  Honors students may begin their thesis work during the pre-professional years.

Graduation with College Honors

Honors students in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences follow the Blue Track[MO1]  in the Jesup Scott Honors College.  To receive the Honors medallion upon graduation, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Cumulative GPA of at least 3.30
  2. Completion of a total of 27 semester hours of Honors courses
  3. Fulfillment of all Departmental Honors requirements, including an Honors thesis or project (4-5 credits) and seminar (1-3) credits.

To graduate with College Honors, a total of 27 semester hours of Honors courses are required.  Of these, 5-8 hours must be from the honors thesis and seminar courses.  The remaining semester hours of honors credit may be met by taking any University course approved for honors by  the Honors advisor.  No specific mix of courses is required.  Most of the 27 honors credit hours will come from courses that Pharmacy students take as part of their normal degree requirements.  A cumulative GPA of 3.3 at graduation is required.

The College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences requires that Honors students take the core Honors sequence of HON 1010, HON 2010, and HON 3010.

The following comprises a list of courses often elected by Pharmacy Honors Students.


  • Ideas and SocietyHON 1010
  • Multicultural Toledo HON 2010
  • Community Engagement HON 3010
  • Honors Biology  2150 and 2170
  • Economics 1200
  • Sociology 1010
  • Psychology 1010
  • Honors Chemistry (by placement test) General and/or Organic



  • Physiology PHCL 2610
  • Medicinal Chemistry I MBC 3310
  • Physiological Chemistry I MBC 3550
  • Physiological Chemistry II MBC 3560
  • Honors Thesis MBC, PHCL, or PHPR 4960
  • Honors Seminar MBC, PHCL, or PHPR 4900


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Departmental Honors

A student need not be a member of the University Honors College to participate in Departmental Honors in Pharmacy.  A student may be considered for Departmental Honors by taking the senior thesis and seminar courses available in the professional division.  This constitutes 8 semester hours of course work (4-5 for initiation and completion of the thesis project and 1-3 for the related research seminar).  To meet the 8 hour total, an honors course in the chosen department may be taken.  In some cases, an honors section of the B.S.P.S. practicum may be arranged to be used for the honors thesis project and seminar.  To qualify for Departmental Honors the student must begin the above coursework with a 3.2 or higher cumulative GPA and must complete and write an acceptable thesis under the direction of a specific faculty member.  The department of the faculty mentor determines the department of honors designation.  All requirements for Departmental Honors must be completed before the B.S.P.S. degree is awarded.  All students graduating with College Honors meet the requirements for Departmental Honors as well.


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