College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

PharmD Student Advising Guide

Proper utilization of the advising process is integral to the successful completion of the PharmD program. Because of the importance of proper advising to your success, the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences provides you with both an academic advisor and a faculty advisor.

The academic advisor for all PharmD students is the Director of Student Services for the Professional Division. Additionally, each PharmD student has an assigned faculty advisor. P1 students are introduced to their assigned faculty advisor during  P1 orientation. Throughout their matriculation, most students will have one faculty advisor. However, students who are out of sync with the curriculum of their year of entering the PharmD program will be assigned an additional faculty advisor with expanded expertise in academic and student support services. Following is additional information regarding academic and faculty advising.

Faculty advisors provide information related to co-curricular development and career planning. In order to assist students in growing as both a person and professional, students are intentionally exposed to activities throughout the curriculum (classes, IPPE and APPE) and provided additional extracurricular activity opportunities to invite discovery of self and others. Co-curricular requirements intentionally link required curricular activities with student-selected co-curricular experiences to enhance a student's development as a person and professional. Further development of co-curricular skills will benefit students as professionals and people. Due to the importance of regular communication with your faculty advisor regarding career planning and co-curricular development, meeting with them every semester is mandatory. The Student Advising Guide provides complete information about advising as it relates to Co-curricular advising and professional development.

Please review the Student Advising Guide here

Last Updated: 6/27/22