Medicinal & Biological Chemistry

MAGSS Panel Discussion

The Future of Drug Discovery: Government, Industry and Academic Perspectives

Drug discovery is not a solitary venture, but a collaborative endeavor involving input from the academia, the government, and the pharmaceutical industry. Now more than ever, this nexus is integral to the expeditious development of life-saving drugs.

So, what are the rigors of basic science research? What does it take to work for the agency that funds our research ideas? And, how do these ideas take the form of a pill? This panel brings to you an expert, comprehensive view of current drug discovery from people who live answering these questions every day. They shall talk about how they got there, and what it requires to do what they do. They shall discuss the status quo and weigh in on where this field is headed in terms of untapped opportunities, and possible challenges.

Come and attend this discussion to broaden your understanding of the field, to make informed career decisions. Come to have your queries answered from the very best in the field. Or, come to be entertained by a group of persuasive speakers who are passionate about science.

In either case, DO NOT MISS IT!

This year’s distinguished panel speakers:

  • Dr. Christopher Lipinski, Scientific Advisor, Melior Discovery, Author of the “rule of five”
  • Dr. Gordon Cragg, NIH Special Volunteer, Natural Products Branch
  • Dr. Paul Erhardt, Director, Center for Drug Design & Development, Distinguished University Professor, Medicinal & Biological Chemistry, University of Toledo
  • Dr. Wendy Young, Director of Medicinal Chemistry, Genentech, Inc.
  • Dr. Ben Travis, President & CEO of Anatrace Products, LLC.
  • Dr. Gunda Georg, Professor and Robert Vince Endowed Chair, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Minnesota
Last Updated: 6/30/19