Research and Sponsored Programs

Getting Started with a Proposal

  • Download and review the sponsor's program announcement and guidelines
  • Determine co-investigators, external collaborators and consultants
  • Contact prospective collaborators for subcontract documents. RSP will need
    • a detailed budget and budget justification
    • a statement of work
    • a letter of commitment from your collaborator's authorizing official
    • other subcontract documents as required by the sponsor guidelines
  • Develop budget on internal template (Main Campus or HSC) and e-mail to your RSP grants coordinator for review
  • Download and complete the Sponsor's application forms. Most federal application packages are available from
  • Complete the CITI training
  • Complete the Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure
  • Download and complete internal form
  • RSP requires a complete package five (5) working days prior to the sponsor deadline.
    This complete package consists of:
    • Internal forms
    • Detailed budget
    • Sponsor application forms
      (including all proposal text files)
    • Any applicable subcontract documents
      (consortium agreement, letter of collaboration, statement of work, official budget)
Last Updated: 7/27/16