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CEA Greenhouse Tour


Carleton, Michigan

*Images provided with permission from Four Star Greenhouse

Photo collage of Aerial images of the Four Star Greenhouse in Carleton, MichiganFour Star Greenhouse, located in Carleton, Michigan, produces flowering/ornamental plants for wholesalers, retailers, and landscapers.  It's a founding member of the Proven Winners® brand, providing plants, products, programs, and services to support the brand. 

Started in 1977 (as Smith’s Greenhouse) by Tom Smith, Four Star Greenhouse currently has more than 20 acres of greenhouses and four acres of outdoor production space. 

A display garden welcomes public and industry professionals throughout the summer to take a peek at new and popular varieties.

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The Chef's Garden

Huron, Ohio

*Images provided with permission from The Chef's Garden

Photo collage of Farmer Lee Jones, and location of The Chef's Garden located in Huron, Ohio

The Chef's Garden is a family-owned farm located in Huron, Ohio. They have been cultivating fresh vegetables, herbs, microgreens, and edible flowers for over 30 years. Although their primary customers are chefs and restaurants, they now offer their broad range of specialty produce through home delivery subscriptions.

The Chef's Garden uses various cultivation methods, including field production, greenhouses, and indoor facilities to grow top-quality produce that is packed with flavor and nutrition.

The Culinary Vegetable Institute at The Chef’s Garden provides opportunities for chefs to visit and practice cooking with the expansive selection of products grown on the farm.  It also serves as an event venue where individuals can enjoy a memorable farm-to-table meal. 

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Last Updated: 5/16/23