Research and Sponsored Programs

UT Clean and Alternative Energy Incubator

For more than 20 years, The University of Toledo has been involved with advancing solar technology.  The nation’s largest manufacturer of solar cells, First Solar located in nearby Perrysburg, Ohio, actually had its origins in laboratories on the campus of The University of Toledo. 

In2001, The University of Toledo committed to building a program of national excellence in alternative and renewable energy – beginning with a focus on solar energy and then expanding into fuel cells, biomass, hybrid vehicles, and now wind energy. 

The Clean and Alternative Energy Incubator is the next step in this commitment, giving university spin-off businesses and alternative energy companies who want to collaborate with the university a place to nurture and grow into stable, expanding businesses that can enhance the business community of Northwest Ohio and the region.

Current Clients

  • ADS Biotechnology, Ltd. (developing a blood volume replacement product)
  • Dovetail (renewable energy and licensed electrical contractor)
  • Dyesol (dye-sensitized solar cell technology)
  • Nextronex Energy Systems (advanced inverter technology)
  • synTerra Energy (coverts biomass and other carbonaceous materials into clean synthetic gas)
  • Solscient Energy (solar energy finance and development)
  • Suganit Systems (developing economically viable technologies for renewable energy production)
  • Solar Spectrum  (developing a photovoltaic solar window product that provides optimal visibility and power generation


  • Office space and infrastructure
  • Access to University research
  • Access to University Technology Transfer services
  • Access to University Interns
  • Connection to university and community business resources
  • Connection to financial resources
  • Access to networking opportunities with other technology based businesses


Last Updated: 6/9/16