Research and Sponsored Programs

Research and Sponsored Programs Forms


RSP100.2 Proposal Review and Approval Form (a.k.a. submission/endorsement form)--Required for all proposals Technology Transfer Forms Radiation Safety Forms
NEW!! Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure Site --Required of all faculty, staff and students responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of externally funded research. Replaces paper process.
Animal Research Subjects Biosafety
 Subcontract/Subrecipient Form  -- Health Science Center      -- Main Campus Matching/Cost-Share Request from Research Development  Human Subjects Forms
Budget Template Form
Download the Main Campus Budget Template Form

The Main Campus Grant Proposal Budget Template is a MS Excel spreadsheet with built-in functions and formulas to expedite accurate budget development for Main Campus.

Download the Health Science Campus Budget Template (FY16) The Health Science Campus Grant Proposal Budget Template aids in budget development.
Download the No-COLA HSC Budget Template for NIH (FY16) Same as above but without any projected salary increase for outlying years.
Special or Optional Forms For Sponsored Projects
RSP109 (Departmental Request to Open a Restricted Account) (aka "Chair Guarantee" Form)
RGA112 (Request for Approval to Use Foreign-Flag Air Carrier on Federally Funded Foreign Travel)
RSP123 (Clinical Research Budget Information Form) under revision
RSP127(HSC Research Volunteer Checklist) No longer needed. Click for information on requesting volunteer status
RSP130 (Export Control Acknowledgment)  

RSP131 (Export Control Technology Control Plan

RSP140  Institutional Certification for Genetic/Genomic Data Sharing (NIH-Funded)

Planning to hire a consultant?  Be sure to follow the process for Independent Contractors as described on this Grants Accounting page.

Technology Transfer: Technology Licensing Forms
Radiation Safety: Forms and Applications

Quarterly Radioactive Material Physical Inventory

Required submission form for the inventory of all laboratory radioactive materials

Sink Disposal of Radioactive Waste

Required log for all radioactive wastes disposed into the university’s waste water system

Radioactive Waste Container Log

Required document to record the quantity and activity of all waste materials contaminated with radioactive materials

Radioisotope Usage and Transfer Log

Required document to track all movements of radioactive materials into and out of a laboratory

Emergency Phone Numbers

Emergency numbers to be filled out and posted in the laboratory

Pregnancy Declaration Form

Allows for pregnant women whose jobs involve the use of radioactive materials to be monitored for radiation dose during their pregnancies

Dosimeter Request for film badge service 

This form is required to receive a Dosimeter
Application for use for radiation sources This form is used to apply for approved user status

Radioisotope Use Amendment Request

This form is to amend your approved user status
Additional project forms This form is used to describe the the process for each project

For all HUMAN SUBJECTS research forms, please visit the DHRP home page:


Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Forms (RGA400 - RGA499) 

Please make sure you are using the most current form version, which can be found below.  Do NOT save template to your desktop as these forms get updated frequently and you may not have the most recent version. 


To use the fillable PDFs, right-click and Save Link As (or Save Target As), and download to your computer. You can then open, fill in, and save the file under a different name.

RSP401 (IACUC Protocol Instructions & Protocol Form - 6/2016)

RSP401v12-Reader Enabled

 RSP431 (Cumulative Animal Populations Form - 11/2015)   PDF file  
RSP430 (IACUC Amendment form - for BOTH Personnel and Protocol Amendments - 3/2016)

RSP430v11-Reader Enabled

RSP440 (IACUC Change in Principal Investigator Form - 10/17/2001) PDF file    Word doc
RSP402.1 (IACUC Protocol Addendum for the use of Chemicals on Animal Protocols - 2/2016)  RSP402.1 PDF file    Word doc
Optional Cover Sheet for Protocols that Include Trade Secrets or Intellectual Property PDF file    Word doc
DLAR Animal Requisition Form (updated August 2014) PDF file  


(RSP601 - RSP699)    
RSP601 (Part 1: General Information - Required for All IBC Applications)

Public Health Agency of Canada "Bio-agent Safety Data Sheets" (to assist with Health Risks questions on IBC protocol form)

PDF file

RSP605 (IBC Protocol Amendment Request Form) PDF file Word doc
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