Research and Sponsored Programs

STEM Research Innovation Program

Letter of Intent Deadline: Wednesday 7 November 2018
Full Proposal Deadline: Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Faculty are invited to submit research proposals focused on high impact and innovation in any STEM area that has the potential to change the direction of a particular area of study. Awards of up to $50,000 for one year will be used to generate preliminary data sufficient for submission of a grant proposal to a major sponsor. Funds can support graduate student stipends, nonprofessional personnel, equipment, materials, supplies and animal costs.

Although any tenure-track faculty may apply, the focus of this program is directed to established researchers and senior faculty.

Submission Requirements
Deadline: 7 November 2018
Form: Letter of Intent Form

Applicants will submit a Letter of Intent (LOI), not to exceed four double-spaced pages. 

Submit this LOI by email to no later that 4:00 pm on the deadline date. The Research Council will review the LOIs received and invite full proposals.

Deadline: 16 January 2019
Form:  Full Proposal Cover Page

Full proposals must be no longer than 15 double-spaced pages using one-inch margins and Arial or Palatino Linotype 11-point. The 15 pages must include:

1.  An abstract describing the work in language understood by a broad audience
2.  A statement of the significance of the problem and its impact on the field of study
3.  A statement describing the innovative aspects of the proposed studies
4.  A section outlining the specific goals of the project and how they will be accompanied
5.  A description of the studies to be completed, including preliminary studies supporting the research plan

Additional documents to be included (NOT counted in the 15-page limit):

1.  A cited literature reference list with full citations (maximum two pages, single-spaced)
2.  A budget and budget justification (maximum two pages)
3.  An NSF-style biosketch (maximum two pages)
4.  Final reports for any URFO awards for the past five years

Full Proposal Submission
Submit your proposal as a single PDF file containing all required elements by 11:59 pm on the deadline date via e-mail to

Proposals will be reviewed by the Research Council. The Research Council may obtain outside reviewers depending upon the expertise needed to fairly review the application and provide scientific expertise. Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

1.  Expertise of the PI
2.  Importance of the problem
3.  How well the research plan fulfills the goals of supporting innovative and potential high impact research
4.  Potential for generating future extramural funding

Award Notification
See General Guidelines.

Reporting Requirements
Within three months of the conclusion of the award period, submit to a Final Report of accomplishments, a list of manuscripts, a list of agencies where grant applications have been sent and a list of scientific meetings or seminars where work supported by this mechanism has been presented.
Form: Final Report Form

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