UT Research Symposium 2019


Wednesday, April 17, 2019 / 3 – 6 p.m. 

Nitschke Technology Commercialization Complex

The Thomas and Elizabeth Brady Engineering Innovation Center (NT1000)
1600 N. Westwood, Toledo, Ohio 43606

Please plan to join us at this premiere event, sponsored by the Office of the Provost.

Complimentary hors d' oeuvres and refreshments available.

UTOLEDO Booth and Poster Presenters

Ahrens, Fred; Hong, Dr. Paul; Wszelaki, Frank
Reaching out to our business community: A case study of a foreign trade zone

Allred, Clayton
Examining how grit mediates the relationship between future aspirations and sports anxiety using a community sample of female school-aged volleyball players

Ames, Dr. April; Konopka, Ashleigh; Steiner, Dr. Victoria; Ward, Mary
Engaging the community in focus group discussions on water quality

Appel, Heidi; Pryor, Dr. Ashley; Summons, Olivia
HON 3010 Community Engagement

Arsene, Dr .Camelia; Patel, Pranav; Sheely, Kristen; Vaidya, Dr. Varun
Association of housing instability and  risk of opioid misuse in Toledo region

Athreya, Brinda; Czajkowski, Dr. Kevin; Jiang, Dr. Yitong; Panozzo, Kimberly; Rai, Dr. Saatvika
Effectiveness in implementation: Mapping agricultural management practices, farmer perceptions and outcomes

Barnes, Dr. Sharon; Stelzer, Dr. Skaidrite
Uppity Women's Poetry Workshop

Becker, Dr. Richard; Dehm, Dustin
A drone based spectrometer for monitoring algae blooms

Bossenbroek, Dr. Jonathan; Crail, Dr. Todd; Foss, Dr. Matt; Mayer, Dr. Christine; Miner, Barbara
Maumee River lake sturgeon: Research, reintroduction, and the beauty of the river

Bossenbroek, Dr. Jonathan; King, Nicole; Mayer, Dr. Christine; Qian, Dr. Song
Grass carp in Lake Erie: Love (spawning), Eat (vegetation), Pray (targeted removal) 

Boyden, Cassidy; Delaney, Dr. Katherine; Krepps, Karen; Slutsky, Dr. Ruslan
The Brady Partnerships Schools Study

Bridgeman, Dr. Thomas; Swan, Zach
Lake Erie buoy and public engagement in water quality

Brooks, Daniel; Elahinia, Hadyeh; Johnston, Danielle; Valdiviez, Jordan

Button, Julia; Downing, Jonathan; Ellingson, Maria; Ellingson, Dr. Randy; Gonring, Jason; Kiely, John; Lapointe, Hanna; Nichols, Evan; Oatis, Pam; Ottinger, Philip; Strevel, Nicholas
Glass City Community Solar

 Caras, Andrew; Miller, William Kyle; Mugge, Luke
Neurosurgery in the Glass City: Assessing and improving patient outcomes

Carpenter, Brian; Garcia-Mata, Dr. Rafael; Miner, Barbara
Toledo CellulART - Celebrating the connection between science and art
* Please ask us about the Biodesign Competition at the Toledo Museum of Art tonight (6 p.m.).

Castonguay, Dr. Alicia; Zaidi, Dr. Syed; Jumaa, Dr. Mouhammad
Implementation and long-term experience of a pre-hospital severity scale for EMS triage of acute stroke in Lucas County

Cheng, Dr. An Chung; Wang, Qian; Wang, Shujuan
Developing critical language capacity in community-based Chinese Heritage Schools: A study of the STARTALK-CHELER Teacher Program

Chou, Dr. Eddie; Davenport, Austin
Transportation asset management decision support system

Crane, Chantal; Hill, Andrea; Powell, Kay; Scott, Amantria; Sloane, Dr. Heather; Swain, Cara
Participatory action research: Disrupting social separation through creative writing groups

Czajkowski, Dr. Kevin
Engaging citizen scientists through the GLOBE Urban Heat Island Effect Campaign

Czerniak, Dr. Charlene; Hapgood, Dr. Susanna; Molitor, Dr. Scott
NURTURES Phase I & II: Improving early childhood science and engineering learning opportunities in the Toledo area

DeBruyne, Dr. Robin
Assessment of environmental conditions of the St. Clair-Detroit River System through regional partner engagement 

Dowling, Dr. Jamie; Duggan, Dr. Joan; Stewart, Courtney
Creation of a multi-site needle exchange program in northwest Ohio: Preliminary results

Dwyer, Dr. Daryl; Martin, Tvisha
Nutrient interceptors to trap agricultural runoff of phosphorus for recycling back onto agricultural fields 

Fischer, Jason; Mayer, Dr. Christine
Shallow water habitat restoration in the St. Clair River: Improving fish nursery habitat

Fisher, Dr. Timothy

Gruden, Dr. Cyndee
Stormwater management at multi-family housing sites in urban Toledo

Hamer, Dr. Lynne; McCarthy, Diane
Teach Toledo: Supporting Toledo citizens to become tomorrow's teachers

Huntley, Dr. Jason
Use of bacteria to remove microcystin toxins from drinking water

Kusina, Dr. Jeanne
Addressing issues of sex and intimacy with LGBT patients in hospice settings

Lawrence, Dr. Patrick
Facilitating informed community decision making for watershed and water resource planning in the Toledo area: 2000 - 2020

Li, Lei; Jeon, Youchul; Seo, Dr. Youngwoo
Towards optimizing water treatment processes for cyanotoxins: Current research collaborations with water utilities in the northwest Ohio

Lokko, George; Osswald, Hannah; Wagner, Anastasia
Algae filtering drone: How can we protect our drinking water from toxins common in annual algae blooms?

Myers, Holly
Breastfeeding: An evidence-based intervention for neonatal abstinence syndrome

Nummer, Stephanie
Using citizen science data to understand the impact of climate change on peak bird breeding season

Panozzo, Kimberly; Shetty, Dr.
Mapping water affordability

Pierce, Dr. Linda; Steiner, Dr. Victoria
Engaging a home care agency in the evaluation of educational modules for family caregivers on potentially avoidable hospitalizations

Plumley, Lauren; Shaffer, Laura; Shapiro, Felicia
The Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute’s impact on the northwest Ohio region 

Qian, Dr. Song
Nearterm forecasting of microcystin concentration in Lake Erie

Shaik, Salma; Xu, Zonghua (Wanda)
Sustainable Systems Laboratory - The Business Waste Reduction Assistance Program (BWRAP) 

Sigler, Dr. Von
A high school collaboration to limit athlete infections: A novel, bamboo-based textile with antimicrobial activity against Staphylococcus aureus

Sigler, Dr. Von
Airborne influenza A virus densities at a local elementary school are correlated with student illness symptoms and absenteeism

Guidelines for Presenters

  • Submit your completed proposals online using the Proposal Form provided. (Graduate students must have approval from their faculty advisor.)
  • Submit only one proposal form per presentation; if other presenters will also participate, include all names/contact information on the proposal form.
  • If choosing to do a poster presentation, use the UT Poster Template.
  • Include the UT logo on your presentation materials.
  • Plan to provide at least 75 copies of any handout materials to distribute at the Research Symposium, including your contact information / business card.
  • Set up no later than 2:30 p.m. on April 17.
  • Be stationed at your booth / poster presentation throughout the entire symposium, from 3 – 5 p.m., so you may discuss your scholarship with participants and answer questions.

Useful Information


Contact Dr. Amy Thompson, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Co-Chair, Research Symposium Committee, at amy.thompson4@utoledo.edu.

Thank You

Your participation in this premiere event, whether through presenting or attending, will help The University of Toledo to advance several of our strategic priorities, including improving student success; achieving prominence in research, scholarship and creative activities; fostering excellence among our faculty and staff; and strengthening community engagement.

Free parking next to Nitschke
(Lots 19 and 20)

3 - 5 p.m.

More than 40 Faculty Booth and Poster Presentations featuring UToledo's latest research, scholarship and creative activities impacting our region

3:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Great Lakes Community-Engaged Scholarship Professional Development Programs
Special presentations, SSOE Seminar Room
Dr. Heather A. Triesenberg, Michigan Sea Grant, Michigan State University Extension

5 - 6 p.m.

Toledo Opioid Overdoes Response Team: Partnering for Better Outcomes
Featured Panel Discussion, Nitschke Auditorium - Open to the public

Welcome/Introduction - Dr. Sharon L. Gaber, president, The University of Toledo

Moderator - Dr. Linda Lewandowski, dean, UToledo College of Nursing; co-chair, UToledo/Community Partners Opioid Task Force


  • Gary Johnson, Toledo City Councilman
  • Dr. Cheryl McCullumsmith, professor and chair, Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine and Life Sciences, The University of Toledo
  • Stephen Rogers, sergeant, Lucas County Sheriff's Office Drug Abuse Response Team
  • Scott Sylak, executive director, Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Lucas County
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