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Proposal Preparation Mini

Proposal Preparation Mini-Grants Program

This program has been temporarily suspended due to budget restrictions.

This program provides up to $5,000 salary support [not available as supplemental salary] so that  faculty can rewrite and resubmit a proposal to a competitive federal program.  To be considered for funding, the investigator must submit all copies of the reviewers’ comments with the application.  By accepting the award, the faculty member agrees not to teach or engage in other activities that would interfere with the full-time dedication to this writing project. 

The Research Council is particularly interested in using these funds to assist faculty members in obtaining federal support for their research programs.  In the evaluation of the application, important factors are the likelihood that a revision will lead to a successful proposal and the amount of effort required to rewrite and resubmit the proposal.

The following information must be provided with the application:

  1. A completed Proposal Preparation Mini-Grants cover page.  
    Download Mini-Grant Cover Page 
  2. A two-page description of the proposed research that explains the nature of the project and its potential contributions to the discipline and to the growth of the PI’s research agenda.
  3. A one-page statement explaining why this project is likely to be supported by the selected federal program.  This should include the name of the particular program as well as an indication that the proposed project is suitable for funding.  Letters from agency personnel are not required.
  4. A one-paragraph statement of the plan for proposal revision, including dates for proposal resubmission.
  5. Copies of all of the reviewers’ comments with ratings, including summary comments from panels and program officers.
  6. A two-page CV listing the applicant's current position, publications and grants and contracts. Use the template on the Web or a current NSF or NIH biosketch.

Submit one hard copy of your proposal with the signed cover sheet, plus a single PDF file of the complete proposal, via e-mail or disk to Dr. Elsa Nadler, Office of Research Development,2600 Dorr St., R1 Incubator, Mail Stop 218;

Within six months of your award, you should submit to Dr. Elsa Nadler an electronic copy of the cover page and abstract submitted to the federal agency.

Last Updated: 6/26/15