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Ribbon Cutting Sept. 5 to Celebrate New Drinking Water Research Lab | UT News - 9/5/17

UT's New Lab Promises Quicker, More Accurate Water Testing | Toledo Blade - 9/4/17

UT's New Drinking Water Research Lab Allows Cities to Test Safety of Public Water Supply | WTOL 11 CBS Affiliate - 09/04/17

Biologists Swarm Sandusky River in Search of Grass Carp Invaders | Toledo Blade - 09/03/17

Dr. Christine Mayer on Lake Erie Fish Decline | WTVG 13 ABC Affiliate - 8/28/2017

UT to Participate in Multi-Agency Action Targeting Grass Carp in Sandusky River | UT News - 8/28/17

Study Focuses on Impact of Algal Blooms on Turtles | Toledo Blade - 8/26/2017

UT Researchers Looking at 2017 Algae Bloom | WTOL 11 CBS Affiliate - 08/23/17

Tom Bridgeman Talks Algae | WTOL 11 CBS Affiliate - 08/15/17

Scientist Trying to Revive Sturgeon Receives Fellowship| Sandusky Register - 08/08/2017

UT Student Studying Sturgeon Selected for National Fellowship | WTVG 13 ABC Affiliate - 8/8/2017

UT Grad Student Selected as Finalist for National Fellowship from Sea Grant | UT News - 8/7/2017

Tom Bridgeman on No Swimming at Maumee Bay | WTOL 11 CBS Affiliate - 8/7/2017

Toledo Researchers Look into Impact of Toxic Algae | Toledo Blade - 8/6/2017

UT Professor Discusses Algae - WTOL 11 CBS Affiliate | 7/13/17

Researchers Pull Samples to Combat Toxic Summer Algae Blooms | Toledo Blade - 7/12/2017

Harmful Algal Bloom Report Released | WTVG 13 ABC Affiliate, published 7/11/17

Ohio HAB Research Highlights UT Water Quality Research | WTOL 11 CBS Affiliate. published 7/11/17

University of Toledo Research Included in 2017 Ohio Algal Bloom Report | WNWO 24 NBC Affiliate, published 7/11/17

2017 Report for Ohio's Harmful Algal Bloom Research Initiative Highlights UT Water Quality Research
     - Ohio Sea Grant Press Release
, Columbus, OH 7/11/17
     - Harmful Algal Bloom Research initiative Year 2 Project Update,
Ohio Sea Grant, 7/11/17

UT Develops Test to Identify Algal Toxin Exposure
     - WTOL 11 CBS Affiliate - Toledo, OH 7/5/17
     - WSYX 6 ABC Affiliate - Columbus, OH 7/5/17
     - WJW 8 FOX Affiliate - Cleveland, OH 7/5/17
     - WHIO TV 7 CBS Affiliate - Dayton, OH 7/5/17

Dr. Tom Bridgeman Gives Outlook on Summer Algae Blooms | WTOL 11 CBS 6/28/17

Early Data Say Algae on Lake Will be Large | Toledo Blade, published 6/27/2017

Large Algal Bloom Expected on Lake Erie This Summer | WTVG 13 ABC, published 6/21/17

Microcystin levels low in Lake Erie | Toledo Blade, published 8/22/16

No one will save the lake for us | Toledo Blade, published 8/10/16

UT student discovers first grass carp eggs in Great Lakes tributary

UT students take daily dip to predict public swim safety at Lake Erie’s Maumee Bay State Park beach

Lake Erie Center researchers, students collect samples to analyze water quality during algal bloom season

UT helping effort to restore giant, ancient sturgeon to Lake Erie

Environmental Science & Technology Quantifying and Reducing Uncertainty in Estimated Microcystin Concentrations from the ELISA Method


Wall Street Journal Lunch Break What’s an Algal Bloom?

Wall Street Journal Algae Blooms Making Toledo Water Undrinkable Are Thriving

Wall Street Journal Algae's Return Deals Setback to Lake Erie's Revival

13ABC News Why is the Toledo water crisis happening?

13ABC News Why are water test results taking so long?

The Sound of Ideas (WVIZ, 90.3WCRN (NPR), WCLV 104.9)

NPR Isabel Escobar on Toledo Water Ban

Toledo Free Press Experts address Lake Erie’s toxic algae at forum

WTOL 11 CBS Comparing tap water to pool water: What the numbers mean

Al Jazeera America Tonight Isabel Escobar discussing Algae on Lake Erie

Conklin & Company (13ABC) Part 1 and Part 2 Panel discussion on water quality

La Prensa Experts discuss water crisis at UT public forum

13ABC Using water filters after the crisis 

13ABC Water quality improves around the Toledo intake 

Research by Dr. Daryl Dwyer's Environmental Remediation and Restoration Lab has been featured on local news for a harmful algae updatewater quality of Lake Erie's beaches,  and natural removal of phosphorus

New scale to rank season's algae, Toledo Blade 7/11/14

How clean is the water at Lake Erie beaches? Toledo Blade 7/3/14
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