Army ROTC Rocket Battalion

Cadet Organizations

In addition to the challenging training you'll receive as an Army ROTC Cadet at UT, you can also participate in one of our three Specialty Platoons. If you want to improve your marksmanship skill you can join our Rifle Team. You may want more tactics, military skills and fitness training from our Recon Platoon. You may want to become involved in our Pershing Rifles chapter in order to participate in precision Drill competition, honor guards, color guards and other military ceremonies.'

To learn more on how you can get involved contact us at 419.530.4696 or

Pershing Rifles Troop L-1

The Pershing Rifles is a nationally recognized Military fraternity, the purpose of which is to, “develop, to the highest degree possible, outstanding traits of Leadership, Military Science, Military Bearing, and Discipline within the framework of a military oriented, honorary fraternity.” (Gen John J. Pershing) Drill, Discipline, Friendship, and Cooperation are the 4 Fundamentals of the Pershing Rifles organization. This fraternal organization is open to Cadets and non-Cadets alike.

To become a Pershing Rifleman, a prospective rifleman must go through a pledging process. Pledging is synonymous to the Greek term “Rush”. This process focuses on the development and perfection of the 4 Fundamentals of the Pershing Rifles. Once a pledge is activated, he/she is still required to perfect his/her skills in both Drill and Ceremonies and Military Customs.

The Pershing Rifles provide many services and are active in the surrounding community. They conduct the Annual Peterson-Flynn Memorial Drill Meet (occurring the first Saturday each December) which hosts many High School JROTC programs from Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.

The Pershing Rifles conduct Color Guard ceremonies for community and university functions. The Pershing Rifles also participate nationally in Drill competitions, which focus on Precision Drill, Exhibition Drill, and Color Guard. If you need a Color Guard for your event, contact us at 419.530.4696 or

Recon Platoon

The University of Toledo Army ROTC Recon Platoon aka. Ranger Challenge Team focuses on basic light Infantry skills. As a unit, they train on Combat Patrols, Land Navigation, Weapon skills, Rope bridges, Rappelling, and Survival skills.

Every fall, the Recon Platoon selects two team of Cadets (10 on each team) to compete against other Brigade schools in the Bold Warrior Competion. To become a part of this team you must display outstanding physical fitness as indicated by the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). You must also master individual Soldier skills such as weapons disassemble and assembly, Marksmanship, Grenade assault, One-rope rope-bridge, Land Navigation, 10K Road march, Critical Thinking Skills and a written test of the FM 3-21.8, the Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad Field Manual.

The Recon Platoon trains throughout the year so that all members of the Platoon can continue to sharpen their infantry skills. In order to help perfect their skills, the Recon Platoon conducts exercises in which they are equipped with paintball weapons and protective gear to heighten the intensity of training

The members of the Recon Platoon share a tight bond due to the time spent together training and perfecting their individual Infantry skills.


Marksmanship Team is a dedicated group of cadets who aspire to be experts in precision shooting and masters of weaponry. The goal of Marksmanship Team is to prepare cadets to win at Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) sanctioned events and to facilitate weapons training for the Rocket Battalion.

During practices, the team focuses on the four fundamentals of marksmanship, i.e. steady position, breathing, sight alignment, and trigger squeeze. They also master the three main shooting positions as well. The team is one of the smaller specialty platoons here at the Rocket Battalion, but it allows the training to be more localized and specific to each shooter. Our skills and training become evident each year when the Battalion qualifies as a whole and Marksmanship Team leads the way.

Every semester team members focus on our biannual alternate course (alt-c) qualification. Alt-c provides a replication of a timed live fire course in the prone supported, prone unsupported, and kneeling positions. Occasionally, the team is able to participate in CMP matches hosted at Camp Perry in Port Clinton, Ohio. These matches are open to the public and involve shooting the National Match Air Rifle (NMAR) which is a clone of the M16 rifle. During these matches, competitors shoot a series of 20 shots in the 3 main shooting positions which include the standing, sitting, and prone positions. And each spring we compete in CMP’s air rifle postal competition for all Army ROTC programs within the state of Ohio.

Last Updated: 6/30/19