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RSS iconWhat is RSS?

RSS, or really simple syndication, is a versatile and easy-to-use technology that lets you view information from a variety of sources quickly and conveniently. Once you've subscribed to a feed (such as the University Calendar or the UT Daily announcements), you'll see a summarized list of headlines for events and announcements with links to additional information from the feed's source. RSS is unique because each time that source is updated (for example, a new event gets posted to the calendar), the RSS display will update as well and alert you that new information is available. Visit for a complete, technical explanation of RSS feeds.

How do I access an RSS feed?

Not all versions of Web browsers can view RSS feeds. If you click one of the feeds below and get a Web page full of internet code, you may wish to download a new Web browser capable of displaying RSS feeds.

Firefox 2 is a Web browser that makes reading RSS feeds quick and easy. Since version 1.5, Firefox has been capable of displaying RSS feeds. Version 2 does it even better, so if you find you cannot access feeds in your current browser, perhaps give this one a try. Once you've installed Firefox, simply bookmark the links below that you're interested in and your browser will alert you whenever there are new calendar events or UT Daily messages.

Microsoft's newer Internet Explorer 7 can display feeds, but UT's Information Technology Department is not currently recommending it until the department ensures that the new IE7 browser won't conflict with other University computer programs.

Please note that by accessing UT RSS feeds, you agree to our RSS terms of use.

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UT News
UT Daily :: Student Edition
UT Daily :: Faculty and Staff Edition

Calendar :: Admission & Visit Programs

Calendar :: InsideUT

Calendar :: Art Events

Calendar :: Music Events

Calendar :: Theatre/Film Events

Calendar :: Arts, Music, Theatre/Film Events

Calendar :: College of Arts & Sciences

Calendar :: College of Business Administration

Calendar :: College of Education

Calendar :: College of Engineering

Calendar :: College of Health Science & Human Service

Calendar :: College of Law

Calendar :: College of Medicine

Calendar :: College of Nursing

Calendar :: College of Pharmacy

Calendar :: University College

Last Updated: 6/30/19