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About Us

Our Mission Statement

Acknowledging and honoring the richly diverse University community it serves, we at La Petite Academy are dedicated to nurturing and celebrating the growth and development of our community's children in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment.

Our Philosophy and Goals

A strong belief in the need to help the growth of the WHOLE child is the basis for our program at Apple Tree. Physical, social, emotional, intellectual and creative competences are all enhanced in an environment that is rich with stimulating developmental activities.

Weencourage each child to participate in activities at his or her own developmental level. This assures that each child will be successful and thus build the self-confidence and competence needed in future schooling.

  • Physically, we provide each child a safe, healthy and stimulating environment that encourages growth. Competition between children has no place at Apple Tree. Instead, each child is his or her own "yardstick." New capabilities evolve from existing skills as the child progresses physically.
  • Socially, our teachers model pro-social behaviors and provide opportunities for each child to find self-expression in socially acceptable ways. In the case of infants, teachers structure the environment so safe interactions can occur. When a conflict arises, children are guided to solve the problem in a fair, non-hurtful way. The teacher's role is that of support person or facilitator, stepping in only when personal safety issues warrant.
    Children are encouraged to respect and accept the rights and opinions of others while assuming responsibility and developing independence.
  • Emotionally, children are encouraged to use appropriate (non-hurtful, non-damaging) ways of expressing his or her strong feelings. Though feelings are always appropriate, behavior may or may not be. Each child is helped to verbalize his or her feelings so that these feelings may be communicated to others. Our teachers assist in this communication by providing language to identify the feelings of younger children who cannot talk.
    Additionally, Apple Tree teachers provide each child with 'failure proof' activities that build confidence and enhance self-esteem.
  • Cognitively, each child is provided with a multitude of hands-on learning opportunities where the emphasis is on learning by doing rather than rote memorization or workbook dittos. Our teachers encourage the intellectual growth of each child through a variety of materials and planned developmentally appropriate activities.
  • Creatively, each child is provided with opportunities for self-expression. Teacher-directed projects are not a part of our curriculum. Instead, children are provided with various art media and encouraged to use them in many different ways.

Value Statement

As compassionate and dedicated child care professionals, we work diligently to enhance the lives of young children and their families in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Weappreciate and respect the diversity of the individuals with whom we work and families to which we provide service. We also celebrate the uniqueness and qualities that make them who they are.

Our commitment to quality care enables us to be a source of stability for each other, as well for Apple Tree children and families.

Webring the best of ourselves to Apple Tree in order to provide a quality atmosphere for children and families. We believe that for this to happen; it takes a creative spirit, an abundance of patience, a sense of humor, a love for life, and a respect for others.

Last Updated: 6/26/15