Counseling Center

First steps

Who is eligible to use the Counseling Center services?

Free services are available for any regularly admitted University of Toledo student who is currently enrolled.

While the UCC is providing telehealth services, students must be in a license eligible state to receive services. At present, the UCC student must be in Ohio to receive free ongoing counseling services.

Out of the state- Students can receive a consultation appointment to discuss service options including community referrals. 

For questions concerning eligibility, please call (419) 530-2426.

spring 2021 Services

The Counseling Center will be offering video and phone appointments for the Spring 2021 semester. Read below for information about Telehealth services. The Counseling Center lobby will not be open to the public or for walk-in appointments. Please call the front desk in order to schedule an appointment: (419) 530-2426.

First Steps

Step 1. Schedule your Initial SCREENING Appointment

Call the Counseling Center to make an appointment during University Counseling Center hours of 8:15 AM to 5:00 PM Monday-Friday.  You will be asked to provide your university e-mail address so you may receive correspondences from the Counseling Center, including instructions for your telehealth appointment. Your initial appointment will be scheduled as a video appointment via the WebEx platform. 

Step 2. Screen for Counseling Services

During this appointment you will be able to discuss your concerns with a counselor and the counselor will begin to determine what type of services might be helpful for you.  

What to expect during a screening appointment?

  • The intake appointment takes approximately 1 1/2 hours
  • Complete intake forms prior to appointment via secure website* (approximately 30 minutes)
  • Meet with a counselor at scheduled appointment time (approximately 40-50 minutes)

Step 3. What happens after I have my Screening appointment?

If your screening counselor determines that continued counseling services may be helpful they may schedule your next appointment at the time of the screening, or provide you information on when you will be contacted about scheduling your next appointment.

Possible Next Steps

No follow-up appointment necessary
In some cases, your concerns may be adequately addressed during the Screening appointment and no additional services are needed at this point.  If at any future date, a student needs additional counseling services, that student can contact the University Counseling Center.

Ongoing counseling
If it is determined that counseling could help you, we will work with the availability schedule you provided us during the screening forms.  If one of those times conflicts with your schedule, please provide a 24-hour notice in advance.

Referral to a group
If it is determined that a group or workshop may help you more than an individual counseling session, we will provide you with the information about the group, but it is your responsibility to register and attend.

Referral to UT campus resource or outside service
In some cases, when it is decided that another agency or service on campus or in the area could provide a specific, specialty, or more appropriate level of care to help you, we will provide you the contact information and if possible assist you with a referral.

How do I withdraw from classes if I have a medical or mental health problem?
In the event of a serious medical/mental health condition or family emergency, a student may request a withdrawal from classes.  All inquiries about medical/mental health withdrawals should be directed to Rocket Solution Central at (419) 530-8700.  Students needing mental health services should contact the Counseling Center.

Using webex for telehealth appointments

To utilize video services with the Counseling center, you must use your University of Toledo email address. A consent form to receive services will be sent to you prior to your first appointment.

Client Responsibilities

  • Be sure to be in a private location, free of distractions or other persons
  • Arrive on time for your scheduled appointment
  • Read and return consent form (if not able, verbal consent must be provided)
  • Dress appropriately for appointment
  • Have access to university email. You may decide to download the Cisco Web Ex App and attend the appointments from your phone. (Cell phone or device data usage and costs are at the expense of the client).

Attending Appointment

  • You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment 2 business days before your appointment with the WebEx link to your counselor's personal WebEx room.
  • Click the link at the time of your appointment to be connected to your counselor's personal WebEx room. 
  • This link will then prompt you to type your name and email address (please be sure to use your University Email).
  • Once that information is submitted, your counselor will be notified to admit you into the chat room. This  process may take a few moments. Ensure you select the audio and video button to enable these features. 
  • It is important that you attend your appointment on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, this appointment will automatically be cancelled and considered a no show.


  • If you experience technology difficulties, you may contact the front desk to inform your counselor at (419) 530-2426.
  • If issues continue the counselor will attempt to call you on the number listed on file.
  • If you need to inform your counselor you will be late or need to cancel contact the center at (419) 530-2426. 
Last Updated: 1/11/21