Feeding Tomorrows

Approximately 60 UToledo students seek help from the Food Pantry every week. This program will provide them and many other students who have food insecurities with fresh meals at the dining services.

Every Rocket Eats. Every Rocket Thrives.

The Office of Student Advocacy and Support in collaboration with UToledo Dining Services is taking the Feeding Tomorrows initiative to provide assistance to students that are food insecure. The office already has an established Food Pantry system and is looking to extend this initiative through Feeding Tomorrows campaign where Rockets can donate money or meal swipes which are banked and distributed through the Food Pantry to Rockets in need. 

How it works

  • Students can donate $1, $3 or $5 through the GrubHub donation button (Dining Dollars, Rocket Dollars, Credit Card, Debit Card)
  • Students can donate a meal swipe at the Dining Service Cashier
  • The collected donations are redistributed through Food Pantry to those in need
Last Updated: 6/27/22