Feeding Tomorrows

How To Donate Using the GRUBHUB App


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Step 1 

Select “Feeding Tomorrows” from the list.


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Step 2 

Choose your donation amount: $1, $3 or $5.


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Step 3

Confirm donation amount and select “Add to bag - $1.00” 


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Step 4

Review your order and select “Continue to checkout: $1.00”

Note: No sales tax, or merchant fees will be charged. 



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Step 5

Review order and choose payment method.

Payment methods accepted: Credit card, debit card, Dining Dollars and Rocket Dollars.

Select “Place your order: $1.00” 



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Screenshot 06.02


Step 6

If you choose to pay with Dining Dollars or Rocket Dollars and have not previously used your campus card on Grubhub, you will need to add your card to your profile.

After choosing to pay with Rocket Dollars or Dining Dollars, select “add new payment”.

Enter your 16 digit card number and your UToledo email address. 

How to view your card number

  • Visit: http://myut.utoledo.edu
  • In the top right corner click “Account Maintenance”
  • On the top menu bar click “Your Account (Full)”
  • Your campus card number will be listed under “Personal Information”

Select “Add Campus Card” and then “Place your order: $1.00”



Screenshot 06.03


Step 7

Your donation is complete, click “view order details” to view your transaction details.

The Feeding Tomorrows URL will be added once published.

Last Updated: 6/27/22