Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Traditional Events

RockethonThe Office of Student Involvement oversees key university wide traditional events:

In addition to these traditional programs, the student organizations and leadership area is also responsible for bringing speakers and other programs to campus.

This area is also responsible for the development and coordination of the Levis Leadership UT four-year scholarship program.  

The goals of the Office of Student Involvement area are:

  • to provide students the opportunity to participate in social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, community service, leadership programs and academic programs during the academic year
  • to enhance their overall educational experience through active participation in the planning, coordination, and implementation of programs and services
  • to offer programs that are either on-campus or planned by the University if occurring off-campus
  • to coordinate the activities so students see an ongoing level of consistency providing students the ability to plan their schedules
  • to co-sponsor other programs on campus to allow more quality programs to be offered
Last Updated: 9/8/15