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Organizational Administration Forms


Used for


New Organization Interest Form

Expressing interest for creating a new student organization

Applications Accepted January 9-February 6, 2017. 

Sample Constitution

Help writing a constitution

Reference only

Travel Authorization Form

Inform the University that your organization is traveling.  Remember that each travel must also complete a liability waiver.

14 days prior to departure

Liability Waiver

  1. Anytime you hold an event where there is risk of injury all participants must complete
  2. When traveling as an organization all travelers must complete

Completed prior to risk activity and completed forms turned into OSI with 7 days

Annual Report

Mandatory report completed each spring that outlines what the organization has accomplished that year

Late February / Early March each year

Budget Request

Recognized Student organizations can request an operating budget for the following fiscal year

Late January

Office / Mailbox / Shadowbox space request

Recognized Student organizations can request an office space in the Student Union, a mailbox and/or a shadowbox for the following fiscal year

If you are an established organization, this is part of your annual report submission. When you submit your report on OrgSync, you will be asked about Office Space and Mailboxes for your organization. If you are a new organization, you can submit a request for a mailbox, when submitting your budget request.



Event Planning and Implementation Forms


Used for


Event Registration Form
To register an event, visit your organization's OrgSync portal. Click on the "Events" tab and then click the green "Create an Event" button on the right.

Note: Only organization members with the authority to create events will see the green "Create an Event" button. Portal administrators can give access to members to create events. 


  • Request permission to hold an event on or off campus
  • Request space on campus
  • Initiates requests for:
    • UTPD Security
    • Facilities/Grounds support
    • Bonfires
    • Approval to have Alcohol on campus
    • Risk Management Approval
    •  Room setup (tables/chairs/tech/etc.)

28 days prior to your event

(10 weeks if a contract is requires)

Student Recreation Center Space Request

Reserve space in the Student Recreation Center

*All student organization events must be registered through your organization's OrgSync portal by a member who has administrative privileges, this includes all events at the Recreation Center, Health Education Center, or Carter Field. See "Event Registration Form" above. (New as of Fall 2017)

28 days prior to your event

Food Waiver

Anytime you serve food on campus that is not purchased from Aramark, you must get an approved food waiver.  Ohio Department of Health - Food Safety

21 days prior to your event

WXUT Service or Waiver

WXUT has first right of refusal on all DJ services on campus. Use this form to request WXUT Service or to request a waiver to use another DJ.

21 days prior to your event

Publicity Application

Request Publicity and advertising space around campus (glass display cases, banners, kiosks, etc.)

Min. 14 days prior to desired reservation

Tent Application

Request permission to have a tent/canopy on campus

21 days prior to your event

Travel Authorization Form

Inform the University that your organization is traveling.  Remember that each travel must also complete a liability waiver.

14 days prior to departure

Liability Waiver

Many uses:

  1. Anytime you hold an event where there is risk of injury all participants must complete
  2. When traveling as an organization all travelers must complete

Completed prior to risk activity and completed forms turned into OSI with 7 days

Special Funding Request

Application for special funding from the Student Activities Committee (SAC) to cover event programming or travel

Min. 28 days before event/travel. Due by 4 pm on the Monday before the scheduled SAC meeting you wish to present your request

Incident Report Form

Used to document anything that is out of the ordinary or a violation of local/state/federal law or UT policy


Donation Form

Prior to soliciting money or supplies to be donated from any source, we must get the approval of the UT Foundation

14 days prior to solicitation of support

Contract Request Form

University funded Student Organizations cannot enter into a legal agreement for goods/services.  All contracts must be between the university and the vendor.

10 weeks prior to event

Directory Information Request

If you are looking to target a specific group of students by email, you supply the criteria and OSI will request the list of email addresses. The OSI will send out your email on your behalf.  **Please note, we will not send out physical mailers via USPS.

6-8 weeks prior to your desired send date



Event Registration and Reservations
We are dedicated to making the reservation process for your student organization events as smooth as possible.  The following steps and guidelines should be followed when planning an event on campus.

It is recommended that reservations should be submitted twenty-eight (28) days in advance. Any submissions made after 28 days are not guaranteed.

1) Determine your desired space.  You can check availability online at However, this link does not include pending or tentative event requests so it is not 100% reflective of availability. 

2) Once you have determined your desired space, whether it be in the Student Union, Doermann Theatre, Libbey Hall, the Flatlands, Centennial Mall, the REC Center, the Health Education Center, a residence hall, or an Academic Room, complete the Event Request Form on OrgSync. In order to submit an event request, you must have the appropriate permissions within your organization's portal. Please contact your organization's president to have your permissions changed if necessary. 


The event request form is sent to Student Union reservations staff who will either book the space or send it on to the respective department for reservations and review. 

Reservation Questions? Contact:  Rubye Wise 419-530-8520 


Student Union Office, room 2525

3) Once the appropriate request and paperwork have been submitted to the office as listed above, the staff will make the room reservation for you and initiate the approval process.  Depending on the nature of your event, this may include needed approval from UT Auxiliary Services (food waiver), UTPD, Grounds, Risk Management, etc.  All events where food is served will require a Food Waiver.

4) Once all approvals have been received, your reservation will be confirmed and you will receive a confirmation email.  The confirmation email will include any stipulations, requirements, and/or information about additional paperwork needed before your event can take place.  It is the responsibility of the student organization leaders/representatives to ensure all stipulations are met according to the deadlines set forth in the confirmation email.  If they are not, your room reservation will be canceled. 

5) Additionally, it is the responsibility of the student organization leaders/representatives to make appropriate arrangements with the Student Union, Outside Vendors, Caterers, and other pertinent parties regarding details and logistics of your event.

6) Any event where a contract is required, must have all paperwork submitted TEN weeks prior to the event.  Contact the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership to assist you with this process.

Contracting DJ Services
1) Contact WXUT first for DJ availability using the WXUT DJ Services for Student Organization Event Form.

2) If available the student organization must use WXUT DJ services.

3) If not available, student organizations must provide proof from WXUT that the request was submitted.

4) WXUT DJ services must be requested FOUR weeks prior to the event date.

5) DJ services from outside resources will not receive payment until after their performance via US Postal mail. No checks will be available before or on the day of the service.

6) All necessary DJ service packet/forms must be on file at least FOUR weeks prior to the event.

7) DJ service packet includes:
          - Verification of WXUT DJ Services for Student Organization Event Form.
          - DJ service contact - complete
          - W9 - complete

8) The maximum amount of payment allowable for outside DJ services is $50 per hour of service, unless approved by the Dean of Student or designee.

Officer Updates
Update your officers by going to your organization's portal on OrgSync, clicking Profile, and selecting Manage Profile at the bottom of the page. You must be a Portal Administrator to complete this. 

Directory Requests
Looking to target a specific group of students for your event or organization?  Just complete Directory Information Request and submit to the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership, SU3504.  The list will not be provided to your organization; however, the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership will email your information directly to the students or organization leaders.

Publicity Requests
By utilizing the Publicity Application you can promote your events or programs within the Student Union and on kiosks throughout campus.  

You can also promote your events with Rocket Blast!  Newsletters are sent weekly to all current UT students. Email with the date, time, location, and contact information for your event. You must also include a photo representing the event or organization, or a flyer. 

Travel Authorization and Liability Waiver
Are you or members of your organization traveling to represent The University of Toledo?  Be sure to submit the Travel Authorization Form and Liability Waiver for each student traveling to the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership, SU3504 TWO weeks before you leave! Liability Waivers must be completed in blue or black ink, must include participants name, address, event/travel location, date(s), and must be witnessed prior to submission.

Need help funding your event or travel?
Registered student organizations can apply for Special Event, Collaborative Event or Travel Funding at least four weeks before the event or travel. The Student Activities Committee (SAC) is the committee that hears Special Funding Requests.  This committee meets most Friday afternoons during fall and spring semesters.  A representative of the student organization must verbally present the funding request to the committee during the scheduled meeting.  SAC's priority is to provide funding for on-campus events that are open to all students. SAC may provide funds for other events and for travel, but these are lower in priority. Special funding also comes from student general fees and may not be used for charitable contributions, stipends, personal property, operational expenses, food for travel, any political campaign, refunds, giveaway or prize items. 


If your organization is looking to solicit donations from commercial vendors, be sure to complete the Donation Form on OrgSync and submit prior to solicitation. You will be asked to include an example of the letter you will be sending for donation requests along with a list of who you are soliciting. 

Office Space
Need office space for your organization?  Office space has been assigned for the 2015-2016 academic year.  Requests for future space in 2016-17 will be available in February 2015.

New Student Organization
Interested in starting a new student organization?  Complete the New Organization Interest Form on OrgSync. OSIL staff will review the materials and you'll be notified when your organization has been approved!

If you would like a sample constitution template to start from, please download (Sample Constitution) and customize it for your new organization.  Please remember to leave all Bold and Underlined text in your constitution exactly as it appears in this document.  Editing this text will cause for delays in getting your new Organization approved.

Catering Services Waiver Form

Contract Request Form
Use this form whenever an entertainer, performer, speaker, etc. is brought to campus by a student group, organization or department.

Special Funding Requests
All requests for Special Funding (Events or Travel) are presented to and reviewed by the Student Activities Committee (SAC).  SAC is a committee of students and staff that reviews student organization constitutions, annual budget requests as well as funding requests for special events and travel.  Annual budgets are requested through the Annual Report process each spring.  Requests for Special and Travel funds are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year and must be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the event or travel.  For more information on SAC, please visit the Student Activities Committee webpage.


Annual Report for 2015 and Budget, Office Space, Mailbox and Shadowbox requests for 2016-17:

All Student Organizations:   Annual Report

Get Involved

Student Organizations Requesting Funds:   Budget Request
 Student Organizations Requesting Office, Mailbox or Shadow Box:   Space Request


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