Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Start a New Student Organization

The process for starting a new student organization is:

  1. Complete New Student Organization Interest Form
    1. Need 7 members to become an organization
    2. Need an advisor that is UT staff
    3. Need a constitution
  2. Meet with representatives from The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership
  3. Complete the Mandatory Student Organization Training; for the President and Treasurer
  4. Update information on new OrgSync Portal

Please note: We will not duplicate organizations with similar missions. We will request that your interest group joins an existing organization if the same mission and purpose are consistent with an established student organization unless the organization has a national affiliate.

Registration will occur during these times:

    • Fall: First 10 weeks of school
    • Spring: First 10 weeks of school and the month of April 

Please Note: Registration forms will be open year round, but will only be viewed in the allotted time.

Important information you will need to start an organization

New Student Organizations ARE NOT eligible for a university budget for the first year of activation. New student organization CAN REQUEST SPECIAL EVENT FUNDING by going to the Student Allocation Committee.

In order to remain a registered student organization, your organization will need to complete the following three tasks annually:

  • Complete the Mandatory Student Organization Training (President/Treasurer)
  • Re-register your student organization
  • Submit an Annual Report (end of April)

Click Here to Fill Out the New Student Organization Interest Form.

Last Updated: 12/6/17