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Current Student Organizations

A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z                    Student Organizations by Type

To provide leadership development to girls and women in the Toledo area to help close the gender leadership gap.
Contact: Kylie Kretz at

2.10 Campus Outreach
To engage, involve , enrich and evangelize the next generation of leaders.
Contact: Sarah Asare at

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Students       
To encourage the education and support he advancement of managed care pharmacy.  

Active Christians Today (ACT)
To help people establish and develop relationships with God through Jesus Christ and become productive leaders in God's family.
Contact: Julia Brookover at

Ad-Hoc (UT)
The purpose of the organization is to provide a safe forum for the practice of competitive foam projectile entertainment while following the rules set forward by the National Organization of Ad Hoc.

To serve Toledo area seniors by bridging the gap between generations and combating loneliness by building relationships.

To inspire students to pursue STEM related fields through tutoring while positively representing UT
Contact: Zachary Holtzapple at

African Peoples Association (APA)
This group strives to unite African students and develop culture to non-African students.

Alpha Chi Omega
Alpha Chi Omega is a national women's organization that enriches the lives of members through lifetime opportunities for friendship, leadership, learning, and service.
Contact: Jessica Mysyk

Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Club
The group promotes awareness of chemistry among students and in the community through educational programs, community service and interaction with authorities in the field of chemistry.
Contact: Travis Pagareski at

Alpha Epsilon Delta Society
This group encourages and recognizes excellence in pre-health and pre-professional scholarship and provides a forum for students with common interests.
Contact: Kinza (AED President) at

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
This groups works to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, promotes unity and friendship among college women; to alleviate problems concerning girls and women
Contact: Sheri at

Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society
Promotes excellence in scholarship in the study of sociology, research of social problems and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the human condition.

Alpha Kappa Psi
This organization strives to be recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders.
Contact:Jacob Steven Drees at ​

Alpha Omicron Pi
This group encourages a spirit of fraternity and love among its members.
Contact: Jamie Matune at

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
This group acts as a social service group under the aims of manly deeds, scholarship, and love for all mankind.

Alpha Psi Lambda
Co-ed fraternity for Hispanics/Latinos for friendship, educational, social and cultural experiences.
Contact: Selena Gomez at

Alpha Phi Omega
This group serves the chapter, campus, community, and nation. Is based on leadership, friendship, and service.
Contact: David Kulp

Alpha Psi Omega
An American honor society recognizing participants in collegiate theatre.
Contact: Gina Gass 

Alpha Sigma Phi
This group promotes brotherhood and raises funds to further the fraternity's ideals.

Alpha Xi Delta
This group provides the highest quality fraternal experience for members, enhances the college experience of undergraduate members and supports institutions of higher education.
Contact: Christina Palmiero

Alpha Zeta Omega
This group promotes brotherhood within a pharmacy fraternity.

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists 
This aims of AAPS is to maintain an ongoing relationship with AAPS, to mentor students with appropriate AAPS service members and to provide service to the college, University and community.

American Chemical Society
The mission of this organization is to work closely with the Chemistry Department and the local American Chemical Society to spread the interest of chemistry and science throughout the campus and community.
Contact: Zane Wilhelm

American Constitution Society 
This organization promotes a progressive view of law and policy.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

To help provide information to students about chemical engineering, as well as to prepare students for real life work experience.

American Marketing Association 
The aim of AMA is to expose our members to the field of marketing and provide for their success.
Contact: Molly McGloin at

American Pharmacists-Academy of Student Pharmacists
This group aims to mentor students with appropriate service members and to encourage professional development in the individual disciplines.

American Production & Inventory Control Society (APICS)
This group aims to promote the educational goals of its students.

American Railway Engineering Maintenance-of-way Association Student Chapter (AREMA)
The purpose of the organization shall be to help UT students learn about and make connections with railroads and the railroad industry.

American Society of Civil Engineers (UT ASCE)
To encourage the development of a professional consciousness, to create an opportunity for civil engineering students to become acquainted and to practice working together effectively.
Contact: Dean Keffer

Anime Society (UT)
This group shows Japanese animation in a calm and kind manner and expands the interest in Japanese culture.

Anthropological Society 
This group provides a meeting ground for UT students for Anthropology related activities.

This group aims to promote the personal development and intellectual growth of UT students by engaging in activities that reflects the Arab culture.

Art Law Society (UTALS)
To promote and nurture awareness and knowledge of the symbiotic relationship between the creation, transfer, and ownership of art and the legal profession both modern and throughout history.

ASHA for Education Toledo Chapter
This group funds the education of underprivileged children in India.

Asian/Pacific American Law Student Association
The purpose of this organization is to advocate the issues concerning Asian American law students at UT.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
To promote an increased knowledge of the science, design, development, construction, language, and applications of modern computing machinery.
Contact: Eduardo Rodriguez Macrillante

Association for the Advancement of African-American Women (4AW)
The purpose of the Association for the Advancement of African American Women (4AW) is; empowering, uplifting the self-esteem, promoting awareness, having a positive impact within our community, and building a positive image along with leadership skills, of African American/Black women as well as other women.
Contact: Khalia Young at

Association of Systems Management (ASM)
This organization works to inspire interest in the information systems and internet technology fields through contact with business professionals and by providing a forum for educational activities and employment opportunities.

Athletes In Action
An interdenominational Christine organization seeking to provide an environment that helps develop character and spiritual formation in the students and is targeted specifically toward athletes.

Athletic Training Student Club
This organization assists students enhance their abilities with the athletic training field.

Ballroom Dance Society 
This group educates the public to higher level of dance and music.
Contact: Caroline Beck at

Benevolent Adventurers' Strategic Headquarters (UT BASH)
This group aims to bring gaming to the masses and provide social venues for UT students to promote the development of gaming and genre related activities, ideas, and view points.
Contact: Benjamin Wieland at

Beta Alpha Psi
The objective of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field.

BIG Event (UT)
The purpose of the BIG Event shall provide a philanthropic service event to the University of Toledo and surrounding area.

Biology Undergraduate Society
To advocate for undergraduate students in the biology department.
Contact: Nicole Clark

Biomedical Engineering Society (UT) 
The purpose of the organization shall be to promote the profession of Biomedical Engineering through organized study, research, social and industry immersed activities.

Black Graduate Student Association
To foster a local and general network among emerging scholars of African descent.              
Contact: Dr. Anthony Quinn (advisor) 

Black Law Students Association
This group's objective is to assist minority students socially and academically.

Black Student Union 
This group strives to enhance the college experience for African-American students at UT.
Contact: Lance Price at

Blue Crew
This group promotes pride, spirit and traditions at The University of Toledo.  

Blue Key National Honor Society 
This group aims to carry on the traditions and history of UT including the Edward Schmakel homecoming parade and Songfest.
Contact: Sean Mertz at

Bowling Club (UT) (RC Affiliate)
To give students an opportunity to compete at the collegiate level in bowling.  

Bowling, Women's

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Teaches the martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which can be practiced as a form of self-defense and a recreational sport.

To spread cancer awareness throughout the University of Toledo and to raise money to benefit local cancer patients alongside The Cancer Hope Chest of the UT Medical Center. 

The  Bridge
To contribute to society by helping the less fortunate by feeding the hungry and offering dignity, welcome and relationship to anyone in need.       
Contact:  Lauren Banks at

Building Ohio's Sustainable Energy Future (BOSEF)
The purpose of this organization shall be to promote enthusiasm and take action towards building Ohio's sustainable energy future.  This organization will allow members to learn as well as further the research and work in the field of sustainable energy.

Business Law Society (UT) 
This organization works to encourage the development and acquisition of knowledge in the areas of law and business.

Camp Adventure
This group trains camp counselors to work with the children of our military overseas and at home.
Contact: Lindsey Levans or Julie Andorka

Campus Activities and Programming
Campus Activities & Programming is an organization controlled and governed by students to meet the needs of the student body and university community.  Campus Activities & Programming provides entertainment, social, and educational programming to fulfill the collegiate experience of UT students.  It also provides the members CAP with an opportunity for social and personal growth.
Contact: or
Contact: President, Mohammed Albaaj,

Campus Bible Fellowship (CBF)
This group ministers to the spiritual needs of the students at UT through the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Campus Crusade for Christ (CUR)
This group appeals to students from many different Christian backgrounds.  They work hard to be a consistent and prominent spiritual resource to students on UT's campus.

Campus Girl Scout Volunteers of UT
To provide an opportunity for student to give back to their community and share their talents and knowledge with the local Girl Scout ommunity.              

Catholic Student Association (CSA)
This group fosters intellectual, moral, social and spiritual growth among UT students and serves as a positive catholic presence on campus.
Contact: Kristy (CSA President) at

To provide opportunities for students to expand self-awareness by engaging in activities related to nutrition and fitness.     Contact :
Contact: Danielle Carroll at

Change a Need
To provide resources for individuals seeking change throughout the world.                 

Charisma Dance Team 

This groups aims to create equal representation for the different types of dance on our campus.
Contact: Jessica (Charisma President) at

Charles Drew Society
The purpose of this organization shall be to foster interaction and support among minority students who are majoring in natural science or mathematics, particularly those of African descent.
Contact:   Jacob Smithers at

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
The purpose of this organization is to be a diverse group of Christian students, staff, and associate members who are committed to serving the UT campus by sharing the knowledge of life in Christ Jesus; helping people in their relationship with Jesus Christ and providing them with training for victorious Christian living, leadership, and excellence; introducing its members to a local church family and other missions or ministry opportunities; making a positive impact on campus by developing students, equipped with biblical solutions to contemporary problems, to serve every facet of the UT community and ultimately the world.

Chi Omega 
This group maintains friendship, scholarship, campus activities, high standards of personnel community service and career development.
Contact: Nicole Raffel

Chi Sigma Iota - Alpha Omega Chapter
The aim of this group is to promote excellence in scholarship, research, and service to the counseling profession

China Care Club
This group supports children living in Chinese orphanages as well as families living in the United States who have adopted children from China.

Chinese Students and Scholars Assoc.
Helping away-from-home Chinese in their life, study, work, and other issues; gathering all the Chinese students and those who are interested in Chinese culture, encouraging them to participate in Chinese related activities and other activities; develop and enrich students college life.     

Christian Legal Society
This group maintains a vibrant Christian Law Fellowship on the UT campus which enables its members, to love the Lord with their whole beings - hearts, souls, and minds and to love their neighbors as themselves.

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship
International   To motivate and equip pharmacy students to practice faith in Jesus Christ in their personal and professional lives.   

Church in Toledo (The)
Equips student believers with Biblical truth, enrich students' experiences of life, increase believers' love of God, build up students' relationship through fellowship and outreach to student believers.

Circle K
This group provides the opportunity for leadership training in service, promotes good fellowship and high scholarship.
Contact: Amanda Weddington at

College Democrats
This group serves as the Democratic voice of the University of Toledo campus.

College Republicans  
This group serves as the conservative Republican voice of the University of Toledo campus. 
Contact: Kelli Market at

Colleges Against Cancer and Relay for Life
This group helps end cancer through education, advocacy, survivorship, and service.
Contact: Katie Harrington at

Collegiate Mock Trial     
To build the skills necessary to successfully analyze legal documents and to present a convincing argument to members of the legal field. 

Cosmetic Chemist Society (UT)
To enhance the knowledge of all members and those interested in the future of cosmetic design, formulation, testing and marketing.
Contact: Tamare Sweeting

Council for Exceptional Children
This group aims to advocate/serve children with special needs as well as to gain professional development.

Criminal Justice Society 
This group provides a practical introduction to the field of criminal law and fosters relationships between law professionals and students.

Cross and Track Club (UT)
This groups provides students, faculty and the staff the opportunity to compete in running races and to unite all UT runners.

Cycling Club

Dagorhir Club (Eryndor)
This group interested in developing awareness, interest, membership, and participation in the live action role playing (LARP) game, Dagorhir.

Dancing Rockettes
The Dancing Rocketts are a branch of the Rocket Marching Band that provides entertainment and enhances school spirit at UT Rocket football and basketball games. Contact: Amanda (Co-Captain) at or Roksolana (Co-Captain) at

Delta Delta Delta 
Delta Delta Delta is a values based organization that emphasizes truth, self-sacrifice, and friendship above all else. The sisters of Delta Delta Delta are a diverse group of women who share a strong sense of self, a commitment to serving others, and a pursuit of academic achievement.
Contact: Erica Cape

Delta Phi Epsilon
DPhiE an organization that is built on the bonds of sisterhood, pride in the sorority, and support for one another.

Delta Rho Tau

Provides Physical Therapy students with a setting in which to interact both socially and professionally.
Contact:Douglas  Hirt at


Delta Sigma Theta 
This group moves forward outreaching hands to the community, campus and each other.

Delta Theta Phi Law Frat. Int'l 
To foster lifelong friendships and professional affiliation through legal education, international networking, and mutual respect.                               
Contact:  Matthew Gunn at

Delta X Math Club 
The aim of this group is to promote student interest and learning in mathematics.

Developing Enhancing & Empowering Poets (DEEP) 
To develop, enhance, and empower poets and those who listen to the poetry DEEP presents.
Contact: Quinton Holly at 

Disability Studies Student Organization
Promotes understanding of disabilities from a critical sociocultural perspective and puts that understanding to work in the community.
Contact: tbd

Dive UT
To preserve, support and promote the sport of SCUBA diving.

Dollars 4 Change
Provides local and/or national charities with donations through diverse fundraising events and sales unifying the student body.

Engineering Council (UTEC)
This group aims to serve as a sounding board for students, as well as,  plan and implement social and professional activities.
Contact: or Sarah Gerren

Engineers Without Borders
To engage engineering students to partner with communities in developing countries in sustainable engineering projects that are designed to improved their quality of life.

Environmental Law Society (E-Law)
This group strives to promote environmental awareness on campus and in the community and in developing "climate neutral" solutions to environmental problems in law and society.
Contact: Kiah Barrette at

Epsilon Alpha Pi
This organization strives to offer support to and act as a liaison between students and the professionals in the field of education.

Eta Sigma Gamma
This honorary strives to offer support to health education students and to promote service, research and education.

Family and Juvenile Law Society
To provide networking, education, training, and career opportunities for law students interested in the family and juvenile law field.
Contact: OR

Federalist Society (The) 
This group provides a forum for legal experts of opposing views to interact with members of the legal profession, the judiciary, law students, academics, and the architects of public policy.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Athletes in Action submitted a constitution in late May to change their name to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Contact:  Sophie Reecher at ​

Feminist Alliance (UT)
Establishes a broad constituency to work in pursuit of feminist ideals--social, political and economic equality for women and men, girls and boys.
Contact: Tiffany Runion at 

Fencing Club (RC Affiliate)
The mission of this organization is to further the sport of fencing by providing a safe and organized place to hold practices and tournaments.

Filipino American Association
This organization is to promote Filipino culture through cuisine, language and history.
Contact: Ma Kim Khrista Encarnacion at

Film and Video Society
This group educates students and the community in the area of film and video and provides live, real world resume experience in film production.

Financial Management Association
The aims of FMA is to assist in the professional, educational, and social development of college students interested in finance, banking, and investments.
Contact: Evan Hartland at

F.I.R.E. Squad Dance Team
The purpose of this group is to provide an opportunity to the under represented to showcase their talent & creativity.
Contact: Nia Kilimanjaro at   
First Year Rocket Engineers
The purpose of this group is to enhance the college experience for first year engineering students at UT.

Food Recovery Network
To create a food recovery program to help end hunger within the communitY & educate the public of food waste and hunger in America. 
Contact: Anna (President) at

The French Club of UT  
To promote the knowledge of French and francophone cultures.
Contact:  Mariah Pasternak at

Gamma Sigma Alpha National Greek Academic Honor Society
To serve as an honorary to recognize social a Greek students for their outstanding academic achievement.

Gamma Theta Upsilon
This honorary strives to further professional interest in geography, strengthen student and professional training through academic experiences, and advance the status of geography as a cultural and practical discipline for study and investigation.
Contact: Tim Kosmyna

German Club 
The purpose of this group is to bring together individuals who have an interest in German culture, history, and language.

Global Medical Brigades
To raise funds and to attend one mission trip per year to serve underprivileged people.

Global Student Business Association
To promote, encourage, and foster an environment of professionals from all areas of specialization and cultures focusing on business from a global view.

Golden Key International Honour Society
This group recognizes the top 15% of upperclassmen and focuses on education service activities.

Graduate Student Association 
This group represents and advocates for the needs of all graduate students at UT.

h2o Church
The purpose of this organization is to provide an atmosphere for students who are exploring Christianity and for those who desire to grow in their relationship  with God.

Habitat for Humanity
This group raises awareness about homelessness and poverty, provides service to others in need and eliminates poverty housing in Toledo and surrounding areas.

Higher Education Student Association
The purpose of this group is to serve to strengthen and promote the Higher Education program and to encourage and support the personal and professional growth of its members.

This group provides Jewish Campus activity, social events, and religious programming for all UT students.
Contact: Mitchel at

Holy Cross Lutheran Church & Student Ministry
To minister to students in the faith tradition of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and provide opportunities for community service . 
Contact: Steve Berish at

Homecoming Committee
The Homecoming Commission plans and executes the annual UT Homecoming events. Homecoming Week is a week filled with tradition, fun and UT pride and spirit. Homecoming is a unique time of year, full of free and exciting events that unite Toledo students, alumni, and community members to celebrate their pride in The University of Toledo.

Homeland Security & Immigration Law Society
This organization aims promote leadership, volunteerism, excellence in legal education and to increase awareness in immigration law.

Human Performance and Fitness Professionals (UT-HPFP)
Dedicated to furthering the educational and professional development of Exercise Science students, spreads knowledge and provides campus and community service opportunities centered around Health Promotion and Human Performance.
Contact: Laura at

Ice Hockey Club
This organization provides University of Toledo students the opportunity to play competitive ice hockey.  The team competes in the ACHA and annually plays a schedule of 25-30 games. 

Impact Movement (The University of Toledo)
This group has dedicated African American emerging leaders taking the truth of Jesus Christ to the campus, community and the world.

Indian Student Cultural Organization 
This group represents the Indian students at UT. Visit us at
Contact: Contact:

Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)    
To further the purpose and objectives of the Institute of Management Accountants including providing members with personal and professional development opportunities through education, association with business professional, as well as service and social opportunities.   
Contact: Zach Guenin at ​

Intellectual Property Law Society
This group promotes Intellectual Property Law within the law student body and brings students in contact with IP professionals and firms.

InterFraternity Council
This organization is the governing body for all social fraternities that are members of the National Interfraternity Council.
Contact: Mahmoud Awad at

International Business Association
This organization works to help students become informed and interested in International Business Activities, and fosters growth and knowledge of business culture and the global aspect of businesses.

International Justice Mission Campus Chapter

International Justice  Mission (IJM) is an organization dedicated to raising awareness about the issue of human trafficking on Toledo's campus and in the surrounding community. Our goal is also to raise funds to support our national organizations fight against international injustices. 

Contact: Demma Strausbaugh

International Law Society
To promote opportunities involving international law and provide resources for students interested in international law issues.

International Service Learning
The purpose of this organization shall be to provide volunteering opportunities to students in a health clinic abroad and provide students hands on experience in the medical field.

International Student Association
This group promotes diversity on campus and facilitates international and domestic student relations.
Contact: Navindi Sandali Weerasinghe at 

Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. 
This group aims to establish and maintain a social organization of similar interest, to stimulate education for effective citizenship.

J. Reuben Clark Law Society
The purpose of this organization is to endorse moral and ethical values in accordance with the LDS church through the study of law.

Japanese Student Association
This group provides support and socializing for students.

Jazz Club
To bring together those who are interested in jazz to provide opportunities for experiences with music and otherwise.
Contact: Mike Cantafio at

Jehovah's Witnesses Student Organization
Provides Bible-based literature and information  to those interested.

Judo Club 
The mission of this organization is to maintain, promote, and advance the art of Judo so as to develop their minds and bodies for the mutual benefit of all.
Contact: Bezan Madon at ​

Juice House
To establish an interactive, sustainable and educational environment to incorporate juicing as a pivotal lifestyle practice which has the potential to revolutionize the health practices of this generation. 
Contact: Mingyang at

Kappa Alpha Psi 
This group unites college men in the bond of fraternity.
Contact:  Joshua VanBuren

Kappa Delta 
This group promotes excellence in scholarship, friendship and sisterly love.
Contact: Alexa Papas

Kappa Delta Pi
This group promotes growth and leadership in the classroom, increases knowledge of educational issues and provides fellowship among future teachers.
Contact: Judy at

Kappa Delta Rho 
This group promotes fellowship and scholarship among its members, as well as, helping UT and the community while upholding the standards of the National Chapter of Kappa Delta Rho.
Contact: Forrest Manning     

Kappa Kappa Psi  
This group serves as an honorary fraternity for the Rocket Marching Band.

Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity
Promote further development of an individuals academic, social, humanitarian, philanthropic and professional skills.

Korean Student Association
To assist minority students adjusting to campus life by involving members in various social events, volunteer in local community services programs, to promote diversity on campus by participating in international campus events. 
Contact: Yoohoon Kim at

Labor and Employment Law Association
To expose students to labor and management communities as well as job opportunities through conferences, speakers, and events.

Lacrosse (Men's) (RC Affiliate)
This organization's purpose is to promote sportsmanship and teamwork while playing lacrosse.

Lacrosse  (Women's) (RC Affiliate)
This group aims to promote sportsmanship and teamwork while playing lacrosse.

Lambda Kappa Sigma
This group strives to promote women within the profession of pharmacy.

Lambda Pi Eta 
This group strives to recognize, foster and reward outstanding scholastic achievement in communication studies.

Lambda Sigma Society 
This group strives to follow the guidelines of Lambda Sigma, leadership, scholarship, fellowship and service.

Latino Student Union
This group helps students with their higher education through scholarships and mentoring and promotes the Latino Culture at UT.
Contact: Kassandra Reyna at

Latter-Day Saints Student Association
The purpose of the organization shall be to encourage and support members of the LDSSA in achieving their academic goals and maintaining a balanced life while on campus.  Provides members  with service opportunities and social and religious activities.

Law and Social Thought
Assists with understanding the concept of Law and Social Thought and encourages students to think about societal issues and how legal institutions deal with them.
Contact: Zackary Shaffer at

Libertarian Party of UT
This organization promotes The Libertarian Political philosophy of limited government and maximum freedom.
Contact: Rowen Karasek at

Lift Off UT
Fosters growth of all incoming students, freshman or upperclassmen, and students moving onto campus to assist them with getting a better understanding and feel for UT.  Group will serve as mentors to incoming students and encourage them to get involved on campus.
Contact: Jamel Ahmed

Lighthouse Chapel International 
To exemplify a non-denominational Christian culture and unite Christian students of African descent on campus.

Maker Society
To organize and operate a community workshop/makerspace at the university by providing students with access to digital fabrication technologies and resources necessary to make anything.

Manufacturing & Technology Management Research Forum (College of Business & Innovation)
To provide a forum for students to discuss topics such as research, career planning, work-life balance, and issues that relate to doctoral studies in manufacturing management and technology management.

Contact: James at

Men for Equality
To encourage men to find healthier ways to express their masculinity and find ways to promote gender equality.

To provide a positive mentor for freshman female students who primarily identify themselves as African American.

Mission: 238
The purpose of this organization shall be to provide in-depth study of the bible with an emphasis on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and the acts of the apostles.
Contact: Ashley Condon at

Model UN (UT)
The purpose of this organization shall be to raise awareness and develop a better understanding of the events that shape the global community through discussion, forming solutions and participating in conferences.
Contact: Hanan Zaki at

Mortar Board National Honor Society 
This group identifies and recognizes students that have maintained scholastic excellence, serve the community and have identified themselves as leaders at UT.

Multicultural Greek Council
This Council promotes and fosters positive inter-fraternal relations, communication, and development of all fraternal organizations through mutual respect, leadership, honesty, professionalism, and education.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)
This group caters to Muslim's needs on campus and provides information on Islam to UT community.
Contact: Fatma Ismail at

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) 
To improve the political, educational, social, economic status of minority groups represented on campus               

National Broadcasting Society-Alpha Epsilon Rho
Enhances the development of university students and entry level professionals involved in electronic media.

National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)
This organization promotes unity and kinship amongst the Divine Nine Greek lettered organizations and is the governing Council for this organizations.

National Residence Hall Honorary
This group provides recognition for the top one percent of the students living on campus who have demonstrated outstanding service and leadership.

National Society of Black Engineers
To increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.

National Society of Collegiate Scholars
This group promotes the interaction of those with high scholastic achievement in community service and philanthropic efforts.
Contact: Ali Mohamed at

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA)
To encourage professional interest among college and university students in the study of human communication sciences and disorders.

Nepalese Student Organization
This group promotes Nepali culture through social and cultural events and strives to maintain harmonious relations among all students.

Night Student Association (College of Law)
Promotes and facilitates awareness and interest in the College of Law daytime and evening events.
Contact: Christina Lowry at

No Holds Barred Law Review
Presents law students with a creative and comedic outlet in the form of a newsletter or newspaper.

Nu Phi Psi Fraternity, Inc.
This organization strives to enrich, inspire, educate and develop ingenuity and innovative thought in all mankind.

Ohio Collegiate Music Education Association 
This group aims to provide members opportunities for professional development, acquaint members with the privileges and responsibilities of the music education profession, and to become acquainted with leaders in the music education profession.

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.
To bring about union of college men with similar high ideas of scholarship and manhood.
Contact: Ibrahim at

Order of Omega
This honorary leadership organization promotes service & leadership on the UT campus.
Contact: Ashley Mathias at

Orthodox Christian Fellowship
This group encourages members to develop personal and spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ and to educate themselves and others on Orthodoxy.

Supports LGBT Law students and provides LGBT presence at law school.

Pakistan Student Association
The purpose of this organization shall be to promote, foster, maintain, and organize Pakistani students of cultural and social promotion, enrichment and interaction, to promote service to the community, and to emphasize the development of leadership skills, character, judgment, and responsibility.

Panhellenic Council (Panhel or NPC)
This organization is the governing council for all international sororities.
Contact: Alana Brooks at

Pay It Forward Toledo
To spread the principles of selflessness and empathy through the idea of paying it forward in the Toledo community. The organization shall encourage acts of selflessness towards any individual of the UT or surrounding community through service or acts of kindness. 
Contact: Jack (President) at

Peer Networking Association 
This group assists students in adjusting to the many demands of the college environment, by conducting workshops, having group discussions and social events.

Pershing Rifles
To develop to the highest degree possible outstanding traits of leadership, military science, military bearing, and discipline within the framework within a military oriented honorary fraternity.   

Persian Student Organization
This group promotes Persian culture and philosophies among domestic and international students on campus.
Contact: Morteza Jandaghi

Pharmacy Academic Club of Toledo (PhACT)      
To help our fellow classmates excel in pharmacy related courses, to aid fellow classmates in a group study environment, and to develop good study habits among our fellow classmates.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Student Council    
To represent all graduate students within the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, assist in solutions of pertinent problems and create, develop, and promote activities of all types for the graduate students within the college. 
Contact: Matthew (President) at                                             

Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity 
This group aims to join law students together to network with professionals.

Phi Alpha Theta
To promote the study of history through encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and exchange of learning and ideas among historians, teachers, students, writers of history, as well as those simply interested in history.
Contact: Eric Albjerg at          

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.
This group promotes brotherhood, scholarship and service.

Phi Eta Sigma
This group strives to recognize academic achievement and provide opportunities for community service as well as socializing.
Contact: Bryan Kennedy at

Phi Gamma Delta 
This group promotes friendship, knowledge, service, morality and excellence.

Phi Kappa Phi 
To promote lifelong friendships, to reaffirm high ethical standards and values, and to foster personal development in the pursuit of excellence.

Phi Kappa Psi 
This group is committed to excellence and integrity, fostered through a dedication to scholarship, philanthropy and social responsibility.
Contact: Tyler Clark 

Phi Lambda Sigma Pharmacy Leadership Society 
The encouragement, recognition, and promotion of leadership in pharmacy.  
Contact: Danielle Carroll at

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity
Development of the best and truest fraternal spirit; the mutual welfare and brotherhood of musical students; the advancement of music in America; and a loyalty to the University.
Contact: Trey Coburn at

Phi Sigma Rho 
This group is a social Engineering Sorority.
Contact: Alexandra Schwann

Physical Therapy Association 
This group aims to bring together students in allied health fields, concentrating on those in exercise science to increase their awareness of the field and aid in their success.
Contact: Erica Monnin at

Pre-Physician Assistant Association
To join undergraduate pre-physician assistant students together in order to stay informed about current issues and graduate programs related to the field.

Pi Beta Phi 
This group aims to securing the intimate association and mutual cooperation of the membership in moral, mental, and social advancement.
Contact: Jenny (President) at
Contact: Ashley (VP Membership) at

Pi Kappa Alpha
This group is dedicated to developing men of integrity, intellect, and high moral character.
Contact: Tony DiCesare

Pi Kappa Phi 
Building leaders for tomorrow through helping people with disabilities today.
Contact: Adam Fasnacht

Pi Sigma Epsilon 
This organization provides students interested in the marketing/sales field with fundraisers, events, and involvement within UT
Contact: Dexter Emch

Political Science Students Assoiation
To create a liaison between political science students and faculty. This organization will create an environment in which members will freely discuss issues relevant to political science and connect with each other in a community setting. It will actively advertise internship and job opportunities for those interested in the political science field. 
Contact: Kristen at

Pre-Occupational Therapy Association
To provide students of UT who are interested in the field of OT with information and resources to help better their knowledge of the field and prepare them for a graduate level education.
Contact: Carter Maples at

Pre-Professional Organization (Pharmacy)
This organization shall establish a communication of important pharmacy events and information to pre-professional pharmacy students.
Contact: Kyle Bergen at 

Presidential Ambassadors
This group fosters good relations between the student body, alumni, faculty, staff and the community.

Psi Chi
Encouraging stimulating and maintaining excellence in scholarship and advancing the science of psychology
Contact: Ciara Metzoian at 

Public Interest Law Association (PILA) 
This group partners with pro bono and public interest law firms, as well as, law school and other community resources.
Contact: Alea Grimes at

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)
This organization provides its members with local and national opportunities to connect with industry professionals while enhancing their knowledge of public relations outside of the classroom preparing them for the integrated marketing, communications, public relations and business world.

Pulse Driven Systems Team
To introduce students to the concept of alternative energy though workshops that cover various topics spanning the gamut of the engineering colleges, as well as designing and building various related devices.  

Quidditch (Toledo)
The purpose of the Toledo Quidditch team shall be to promote healthy competition, ongoing positive representation of not only the organization, but of the campus body, the school, and the City of Toledo in a positive manner, and to follow the Three C's of the IQA; Creativity, Community and Competition.

Raijin Daiko
The purpose of this organization is to expand diversity on campus, extend Japanese culture, and increasing student involvement on campus activities.

Recreational Running Club 
To promote an active lifestyle through running in a social, informal environment while maintaining the safety of all members.
ContactBrett Keskes at

Recreational Therapy Club
This organization's purpose is to learn more about our profession, raise money to attend conferences and join together.

Resident Student Association (RSA)
To provide activities and programs for students living on campus through coordination with Hall Councils and to serve as the voice of student living on campus in matters involving the Office of Res Life
Contact: Emanuel DeLucia at

Respiratory Care Association
This organization is composed of highly motivated, goal-oriented Respiratory Care students who possess strong leadership qualities and encourages all members to realize their potential, enrich their lives, and make a positive impact on society.
Contact: Roger Swanson at

Rocket Recess

Rocket Recess is an organization that is all about bringing recess games back to college, so we play various recess games such as Dodgeball, Capture the Flag, Four Square, Bubble Soccer, Board Games, Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, and so much more! This organization, Rocket Recess, is dedicated to having FUN!


The University of Toledo Dance Marathon is a non-profit, student-run organization that plans and executes a 16-hour marathon in which hundreds of students dance, without sleeping or sitting, to raise funds for rehabilitation programs at St. Vincent Mercy Children's Hospital in Toledo. Since 2002, UT Dance Marathon has raised over $150,000 for the kids!  Dance Marathon is one of the largest student-run philanthropic organizations at UT. Dance Marathon hosts hundreds of spectators each year, including the families and children that benefit from DM's proceeds. During Dance Marathon, dancers are faced with both mental and physical challenges that put into perspective what the children treated at Mercy Children's Hospital have to go through on a daily basis. This charitable event benefits The Children's Miracle Network.
Contact: Sean Reck at

Rocketry Club
An organization for STEM majors but open to anyone interested. Our purpose is to design, build, and launch high-powered rockets and to further interest and knowledge in the field of aerospace engineering.
Contact:  Patrick at

Rockets Open Source Initiative
Promote the use of free and open source software as an alternative to the proprietary software

Rowing Club
This group practices, competes, and develops the sport of rowing.

Sailing Club (UT)
Recreation and to promote the sport of sailing.

Saudi Club
Provides the UT community an idea of the Saudi culture.

School Psychology Student Organization
This group promotes fundraising to attend school psychology conferences.
Contact: Alexa at 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
This group aims to further the education of true gentlemen on the UT campus.
Contact: Luke Armstrong at

Sigma Alpha Iota
This organization furthers the development of music, gives inspiration and encouragement to members to promote educational growth.
Contact: Bonnie Zachar at
Organization Email:

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
To enhance the quality of life within the community through public service, leadership development and education of youth.     

Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity, Inc 
This group promotes education, cultural awareness, community service, brotherhood and leadership.

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. 
This group promotes sisterhood and our principles of moral, ethics, academics, community service, social interaction, cultural awareness.
Contact: Ashley Hernandez at

Sigma Phi Epsilon
This group builds balanced leaders for the world's communities, lives by its cardinal principles of virtue, diligence, and brotherly love while enriching the undergraduate experience of our members.
Contact: Dexter Emch at

Sigma Phi Sigma
To honor those Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science students, both undergraduate and graduate who have achieved academic excellence in their designated field of study.  
Contact:  Sarah Breen at        

Sigma Tau Delta - Beta Rho Chapter        
To confer distinction for high achievement in English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies.
Contact:  LaVelle Ridley at

Skills USA
This organization will assist members in their growth and development; promote high standards in all phases of occupational endeavors including trade ethics, workmanship, scholarship and safety; foster a wholesome understanding of the functions of labor and management organizations and a recognition of their mutual interdependence; and, create an interest in trade, industrial, technical, and health occupations education.

Snowpile of Toledo
To raise money in order to purchase presents for patients of Children's Hospital of Michigan and their siblings for the holiday season. 
Contact: Adnan (President) at

Soccer Club (Men's) (RC Affiliate)
The mission of this group is to promote organized soccer at UT and to be competitive against other universities.

Soccer Club (Women's)
Promote, organize, and administer the game of soccer for members at UT.
Contact: Victoria Tripp at

Society for Environmental Education (S.E.E.)
This group educates the campus and community about environmental issues. 

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 
This organization is dedicated to providing students with opportunities to interact with practicing human resource professionals, and socialize with other students interested in HR professions.

Society for Physics Students
The advancement and diffusion of physics knowledge, the encouragement of interest in physics throughout the academic and local communities and the introduction of students to the professional community.       
Contact: Brooke Paquin at

Society of Women Engineers  
To stimulate and support women of all ages to achieve full potential in careers as engineers.  To enhance the image of the engineering profession.

Sociology Club
This organization strives to promote sociological knowledge and learning experiences.

Solar Car Team (UT)
Introduces students to the concept of solar car design, building and racing.
Contact: Nathan Diemler at                                                                                               

The purpose of this organization shall be changing our community and the world by spreading the love of Jesus.
Contact: Jordan Kiefer at

South American and Hispanic Students' Association
This groups shares the culture of South America and is a transitional bridge for its members. 

Spanish Club (UT)
Enhances the knowledge and use of the Spanish languages, creates awareness of the Department of Foreign Languages, builds communication between Spanish speaking students, and develops Spanish speaking, writing and listening skills.

This group represents, advocates for and creates Safe Places for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, same-gender-loving, two-spirit and straight ally community at UT.

Sports Law Society (The)
To bring together student having a passion for both sports and law to further knowledge in each, both academically and recreationally
Contact: Elizabeth Reinbrecht at

Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB)
This group retains African American males in college, increases the African American male GPA, and enhances the black male image.
Contact: Cameron (SAAB President) at

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee  
To represent the student athletes as whole, to the athletic director, the administration, the UT student body and the surrounding community of Toledo.
Contact:  Kristen Mattei at

Student Bar Association (SBA)
This group acts as an "umbrella" group for the student organizations of the College of Law. 

Student College of Clinical Pharmacy (SCCP) - College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
To adopt the purposes of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy.

Student Government
This group strives to embrace and empower the student body through the principles of Democracy.
Contact: Cody (SG President) at

Student Health Law Organization
The purpose of the organization shall be to education students about health law, sponsor local programs and activities related to health care law, and provide members with networking opportunities for the future practice of health law.

Student Held Asset Return Portfolio (SHARP UT Investments)
Provides a hands on investing environment for students by offering an active role in investment research and portfolio management.

Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA)
To provide programs to improve health, education and social environment of our community

Student Occupational Therapy Association
The SOTA is dedicated to the goal of furthering the professional development of members and fostering mutual respect and communications between members and the professional community.  Events include community service projects, fundraisers, representation at the American Occupational Therapy Association Assembly of Student Delegates at the annual conference and a variety of social events.

Student Rec. Center Leadership Team
To support leadership development among SRC student employees and participants
Contact: Ryan Schropp at

Student Social Work Organization
Promotes and pursues social and economic justice and empowerment of disadvantaged persons in the community through community service, advocacy, and fundraising.

Student Society of Health System Pharmacists
To make students aware of pharmacy practice in organized health care settings.
Contact: Kelly Gaffney at

Student Veterans of America
Education: to promote higher education within the armed forces; to promote cultural events; to foster a sense of unity amongst military personnel; to develop a sense of leadership.
Contact: Dan Hatfield 

Students for Diabetes Awareness
Promotes awareness and provides education on diabetes while supporting the national organization.

Students for Justice in Palestine
Educates about Palestinian issues and promotes justice, human rights, liberation, and self-determination for Palestinian People.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Mobilizes and empowers young people to participate in the political process, pushing for sensible policies to achieve a safer and more just future, while fighting back against counterproductive Drug War policies, particularly those that directly harm students and youth. 
Contact: Nate (President) at

Students for Women in Math & Science
To increase the number of women obtaining their degrees in science and math at all levels, to increase the number of women participating in the scientific and mathematical workforce at all levels.   
Contact:  Marissa Tanner at      

To enhance the culture of the University of Toledo and help students embrace their originality through fashion.  
Contact: Amber Sanders at

  Table Tennis Club
Members have the opportunity to learn the sport of table tennis and better their skills.

Tau Beta Pi 
This group aims to promote integrity and excellence in engineering.

Tau Sigma National Honor Society
This group recognizes academic excellence and involvement of transfer students.

Teaching Toledo              
To tutor the young minds of Toledo public schools so that they may gain knowledge applicable in today's world. 

Tennis Club
This club provides UT students an opportunity to play tennis with each other, as well as competitively against other club teams from other universities.

Theta Chi 
This group aims to support in areas of grades, community service, and provide leadership opportunities.
Contact: Abdi Omer at

Theta Tau
This group strives to develop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members and unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship.
Contact: Amber at

Threshold College Community  
To develop environments where students can experience intimacy with God, authentic community, and missional passion.   
Contact: Andrew  Thomas at

Toledo Campus Ministry Fellowship 
This group sponsors activities at UT that will represent the values of the Ecumenical Protestant Community.

Toledo eSport Club     
To compete in online and local area network (LAN) gaming tournaments up to the national level.

Toledo for Life
The purpose of the organization shall be to educate and promote the sanctity of life from conception until natural death because human life has intrinsic value.
Contact: Meghan Oberle at 

Toledo Tamasha
The purpose of this organization shall be to assemble a South Asian cultural dance team to bring about more cultural awareness of South Asia to the student body.

Triangle Fraternity 
This group provides a positive college experience and enhances academic, social, and professional skills.
True Blue
To create a positive image of UT and student body by attending all home games and supporting other campus organization and activities to better the college experience.

Turkish American Student Association   
To develop a cultural exchange between Turkish, non-Turkish, and Turkish American students through means of cultural and social activities. 

Ultimate Disc (Men's) (RC Affiliate)
This organization provides University of Toledo students the opportunity to play competitive Ultimate Frisbee. Competing all over the country against other universities with our ultimate goal being to qualify for the national tournament.
Contact: or

Ultimate Disc (Women's) (RC Affiliate)
This groups aims to play organized frisbee events while promoting sportsmanship and teamwork.

Undergraduate Law Society
Offers students of UT an organization that focuses on law-related experiences, provides social activities that encourage and build student involvement, promotes personal development and growth, and integrates educational curricular concepts with real-life experiences.

UNICEF Initiative
Building a world where the rights of every child are realized.
Contact: Mahbod Pourriahi at

Universal Order of Gaia
This organization provides a community for believers and practitioners of Nature-Based Spiritualities and Pagan Traditions.

University Bible Fellowship (UBF Narrowgate)
This group provides students the with a chance to worship.

University YMCA
Through University YMCA, students can serve the community, develop leadership skills, promote social change, meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, try out career options, and have fun. 
Contact: Morgan Vallery at

UT Gospel Choir 
To serve the campus and community as a source of spiritual revival through song and service.                         

UT Structural Engineers Assoc. of Ohio (UT-SEAoO)
To provide technical and educational experiences for student members through tours, speakers and networking events.
Contact: John Morganstern

UT Tuners 
We strive to serve as a social conduit, connecting University of Toledo students and community car enthusiasts in a safe and fun manner. We are an open minded group and everyone is welcome at our meets, regardless of age, race, vehicle, preference in motorsports, or educational status.                      
Contact: Devon (President) at 

Vietnamese Student Association
To promote the awareness of Vietnamese culture and traditions among students at the University of Toledo.

Voice of Honors (The)
To facilitate and enhance communication between Jesup Scott Honors College administration, faculty and students through fundraising, community service, team-building and more.

Volleyball Club (Women's)
To promote, organize and administer the game of volleyball for members at UT.

Water Polo
The purpose of this organization shall be to spread the sport of water polo to all interested persons. The goal is to create a self-sustaining program at UT where students and community individuals can learn and expand their knowledge of the sport through training and competition with other University's programs.

Way Campus Fellowship (The) 
This group makes available fellowship meetings for students and community members who are searching for an in-depth understanding of the Word of God.

Wilderness Expeditions Club (WEX) (RC Affiliate)
This group strives to learn, appreciate, and participate in outdoor activities through UT.

Women's Law Student Association
This group offers a forum for law students to openly discuss current issues affecting women in law and society today.

Wrestling (RC Affiliate)
This group creates leaders and champions through hard work and dedication.
Contact: Robert.Breisacher@rockets.utoledo.ed

This group gives students, staff and faculty at UT the experience of working at a full functioning radio station to benefit the greater area of Northwest Ohio.

Young Americans for Liberty
The purpose of this organization shall be to research, study, inform and educate the public, concerning public policy issues.

Young Entrepreneurs Society
To allow entrepreneurial-minded students to discuss and share business ideas confidentially, to connect students with successful entrepreneurs both outside and inside the Toledo community.   
Contact:  Michael Koludrovich at

Young Life
The purpose of this organization is to provide training classes to teach college age students about Christian leadership.

  Zen Buddhist Fellowship
Provides authentic Soto Zen Buddhist practice, teachings and communications.

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. 
This group fosters ideas of service, charity, scholarship, civil and cultural endeavors.

Zeta Phi Eta  
To plan and host events, retreats, educational trip and fundraisers to build professional character and integrity while increasing preparedness for its members and other students in CoCA.  


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