Rocket to Rocket Fund

The Rocket to Rocket Fund consists of charitable donations provided by individuals who want to assist UToledo students facing unexpected financial hardships. Apply for the fund by submitting the Rocket Aid application linked below.

Students applying for Rocket to Rocket funds must meet the emergency aid requirements explained in the Rocket Aid application. Rocket to Rocket funds are also subject to the following conditions:

  • To be eligible to receive an award from the Rocket to Rocket fund, an individual must be a currently enrolled student at The University of Toledo. Eligible expenses include: rent, utilities (water, gas, electricity, internet), cell phone, medical bills, toiletries, groceries, car repairs and educational expenses (tuition and fees, books, laptop, internet, etc.)
  • Ineligible expenses: alcohol, credit cards, entertainment expenses, tobacco, legal fees, transportation costs (gas, bus fees)
  • The maximum award amount is $500, subject to the availability of the funds and the extent of need.

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These funds will be available as we continue to receive charitable donations.


We welcome donations to the Rocket to Rocket fund.

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Last Updated: 10/28/21