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Extreme Life Makeover:  School to Work Top 10 

10.  Sleep will no longer be a commodity; it becomes a necessity!
Working full-time may require a more normal sleep pattern. Staying up half the night or hitting the snooze button one too many times could potentially find you getting to work late and possibly fired.

9.   The freedom to create your own schedule becomes obsolete       
The flexibility to create your own schedule may not be a luxury awarded by employers and extra hours may be required to completely understand your first job.

8.  Continuous messaging becomes a thing of the past  
Most employers do not allow Facebook and MySpace viewing, nor instant messaging or texting while at work.

7.  Practice your time management skills 
Preparing for projects, tests and assignments at the same time was difficult in college but in the working world your future employer is depending on the time management skills you’ve acquired. 

6.  Maintain your independence while becoming a team player
In college independence is required for projects and assignments; the transition to the working world often requires group projects and collaboration among employees.

5.  Dress for success       
Hoodies, jeans and flip-flops are perfect for class. In the working world you may be required to wear a suit or professional attire. View the attire of managers and leaders within the company and model your look after them. 

4.  Play nice with others           
Upon graduation you may be working with diverse group of colleagues from various backgrounds and various ages. This is where your collaboration skills can be utilized to become an effective team player.

3.  Finance 101 goes beyond the classroom       
Following graduation you may have to begin paying back student loans and entering the working world often brings along additional bills. Be careful that when you receive that first amazing paycheck not to spend it all in one place. Keep track of expenses and spend wisely!

2.  Learning doesn’t end after college       
With your new role in the company you will be busy learning how to do your job and learning about the company’s culture. Remain aware of the world around you; keep up to date on current events and news both inside and outside of your company.  These events may affect your everyday life.

1.  Adopt a positive attitude
Enjoy your new role in the professional world and have a positive attitude around employers and colleagues. A positive attitude tells the employer that they hired the right candidate for the job and could help you work your way up the company ladder.    

Profile: Internship at "The O'Reilly Factor" in NYC

Meet Sean. He’s a senior communication major at the University of Toledo. Unlike many of his classmates though, he hasn’t been frequenting the classrooms on campus.  Nor has he been spending his last semester of college balancing studies with a lack-luster part time job.  In fact, Sean isn’t in Toledo at all – he is currently in New York City, interning with Fox News on “The O’Reilly Factor.”  When he’s not busy printing scripts for the show and talking with Bill O’Reilly, Sean logs on to his distance learning classes to finish up with his degree.

How did he get this opportunity you ask?  Well, persistence and hard work were certainly part of the equation, but a little help from the UT Career Services office just may have had something to do with it too. Sean started visiting their office early in his college career.  He says it was especially useful for him to keep his resume updated with advice from knowledgeable professionals.

The support of Career Services and others was certainly crucial in helping Sean land his internship at Fox News.  For students looking for internships and employment though, Sean says that the most important thing you can do is, “put yourself out there.”  He says there are many opportunities available for those who ask.  But for those looking for a place to find those opportunities, Career Services is a great place to start.  (Contributed by Ted Reinhart, communication student)

Student Blog: Life, Actually

Each week, take a peek over Heather’s shoulder through her JobWeb blog, Life, Actually ( as she makes the transition from college campus to a work force career.

Meet Heather. She’s a senior nutritional sciences major at a large, East Coast university. She likes Reese's, gummies, ice cream—oh, and, naturally, the Spice Girls. She’s a bookworm, loves to dance, and doesn’t care what the temperature is as long as the sun is out. Heather thinks she might want to write for a foodie magazine some day. She secretly aspires to be a chef.  Heather has been to her university career center—and so have her friends. Right now she’s interviewing for internships that she says will help her get practical experience while she builds a good network of professionals who will help her in her full-time job search. Still, she admits that she’s not completely sure she’s ready for a “real” job!


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Last Updated: 6/9/16