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Student Employment

Student Employment Services provides on-campus part-time employment opportunities.

Main Campus - See below 

Health Science Campus
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Jobs are posted on Handshake and range from on-campus and off-campus jobs to entry-level and specialized positions, which provide financial support as well as valuable work experience. We oversee employment of student workers on ALL campuses, including Health Science Campus (excluding graduate assistantships).

logoStudent employees play a vital role in here at The University of Toledo, we rely on their hard work and dedication to help ensure the success of our university. Learn more how you can nominate your student employee here.

IMPORTANT: Students cannot begin work until paperwork is completed and the supervisor is notified

Students     Employers/Supervisors - General     

Forms         Off-Campus Employers


Employers/Supervisors - General Information

How to avoid rejected timecards

• Be sure SEPA has been processed by the Student Employment office
• ALL SEPAs must have 2 different approval signatures

• Use blue or black ink only for timecards
• Print name, include Rocket # and department name
• Indicate the exact dates of work, time in/time out  and hours
• Time card is signed by the student 
• Departmental Information must be completed on all timecards.

Forms required to employ student workers-Main Campus

Main Campus Student New Hire Packet (all forms included)

UT Policies
Equal Opportunity (Policy #3364-50-02)
Sexual Harassment and other forms of harassment (Policy #3364-50-01)
Responsible use (Policy #3364-65-05)

NOTE: Some of the forms are also available on Payroll or the Human Resources websites

▲Off Campus Employers

>For more information, click here.
>UT Off campus part-time job form

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