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What students are saying....

tutor and studentSCIENCE

"I love to learn, and I love these tutors!"
-UT student, Information Systems


"At first, I was resistant about coming because I figured they could not help me that much, but when I leave here I know exactly how to solve the problems and how to work them out on the test."                                                       
-UT student, College Algebra

"I am a nontraditional student, and I did not have a strong mathematical foundation...Your tutors have given me confidence to keep trying to grasp the concepts of Algebra. They encouraged me to keep trying and even though it would take me a while to get a concept, they never showed any frustration...I have learned more since I have been coming to your math lab than I ever have in all my years of mathematics. I have seen a brief glimpse of a mathematical break through with me when I found myself saying that I now like math."
-D.B., UT student, Algebra


"My accounting tutor was fantastic. She always explained things to me so I could understand them. I look forward to working with her again. She was always willing to help; in fact, she went out of her way for me."
-UT student, Accounting


"I found the tutoring especially effective due to the enthusiastic and competent tutors. They're definitely professional--they know their material and they know how to get it across...In my 25 years as a teacher in the department of foreign languages here, I know it would have made a big difference to my students if they had had this service available to them." 
-Marie, Spanish instructor and tutor            

 "The Spanish tutors I have worked with have been energetic and always ready to lend a hand."
-R.F., UT student

Last Updated: 6/30/19