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Early Progress/Midterm Reports FAQ

Early Progress and Midterm Reports FAQ


  • What is the Progress Report?
    The TRIO SSS Progress Report is a benchmark tool designed to engage students in their coursework.  The faculty remarks provide an account of student class performance.  TRIO staff seek to acknowledge success or address any problems quickly using the Progress Report as a guide.

    All TRIO students have signed a release form allowing SSS to request academic progress information from their instructors. The system improves retention and success for students in the SSS program and also supports instructors' efforts in the classroom.

    Insome cases, the Progress Reports help to identify current TRIO students who may be struggling academically after the first half of the semester.

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  • What is your Office?
    Most faculty are quite familiarly with the progress reports used by the athletic office and other offices on campus. The TRIO Student Support Services office is a federally funded program housed at the University of Toledo. Our program's goals are to support the successful matriculation of students from diverse familial educational and economic backgrounds.
  • How do these reports differ?
    Progress reports are submitted on behalf of ALL SSS students. This service is not reserved for students who are on academic probation. Over 75% of SSS students are in Good Standing. The SSS program has established objectives that must be achieved each year. The SSS Progress Reports directly support both federal accountability and internal assessment measures.
  • My student is doing well, what is the point of this progress report?
    The SSS Progress Report is designed to provide feedback for all students. The process encourages students to take an active interest in their academic progress at all levels of achievement.
  • How is the information shared with the student?
    Each student is contacted to set up an appointment to review his/her progress reports once they have been mailed.
  • Do I give it to the student or mail it to your office?
    Please, send the reports to our office. We will share the information with the student and keep the original in their file.
  • When are the Progress Reports due?
    In an effort to provide feedback in a manner most beneficial to the student, Progress Reports are mailed between the 3rd and 5th week of the semester. For most students, progress reports should be returned after midterm assessments have been graded and prior to the 10th week of classes. For students experiencing difficulties, the progress report should be returned as soon a possible and prior to the withdrawal deadline to provide intervention services.

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Faculty who would like to speak directly to SSS staff concerning a student enrolled in SSS (or who know a student who could benefit from the SSS program) should contact the SSS staff

Last Updated: 6/9/16