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How to be Successful in Remote Learning

Moving to a remote format will require changes in how you approach courses.  With some basic information and planning, you can maximize your success in any remote learning environment.  The information below provides tips for navigating remote learning environments, suggestions for how to problem solve when challenges arise, and summaries of the academic support services available at UToledo.

Stay Informed

  • Check your Rocket email account daily (or more!)
  • Login to Blackboard daily
  • Review the COVID-19 webpage frequently for updates.
  • Review the UToledo Center for Success Coaching Channel in YouTube for helpful videos


Before you start, gather the following info for each class:

1. How will you receive course materials?

    • Will your instructor post materials on Blackboard?  Will they send you materials via email?
    • Are you expected to login to Blackboard or other platforms at certain times to participate in class discussion or other activities? 
    • Has your instructor developed new materials for the class, such as recorded lectures, videos, or discussion forums?  Make sure you can access everything.

2. How will your instructor communicate with you?  How can you get your questions about the course answered?

    • When will they be available for communication?
    • Will they hold online office hours?
    • How can you communicate with them?  Are you able to chat online in Blackboard?  Talk via phone or Skype?  What methods does your instructor recommend or prefer?

3. Have any assignments changed?  What about due dates?

    • Check for any changes to assignments and keep track of the due dates for work.

4. How will you submit assignments?

    • Will submissions be made through Blackboard, email, or other?  

5. How will you complete exams, quizzes, labs?

If you have questions and don't find answers in the information provided by your instructor, politely ask them.  It's important that you understand the expectations so you can be successful in the course.  Instructors should respond to student questions in a timely manner when you use the methods they identify.

For more tips on how to be successful in remote coursework, see this source on Student Success in a Remote Learning Environment

New to Blackboard?

UToledo Online has a handy guide to Get Started with Blackboard, that includes contact info for technical support staff.  A more detailed Blackboard Toolkit for Students is available where you will find valuable information on:

  • Blackboard - where your courses live on Blackboard
  • Blackboard Collaborate - for video and audio communication with your class and your instructor
  • Echo360 - a tool in Blackboard that allows instructors to upload video lectures

Email is Your Communication Lifeline!

Check your Rocket email daily (or more!) for updates on your courses and important information from the university.  If you have not already done so, add your Rocket email to your mobile device.  See how to add the mobile app here.

Do You Have the Software and Files You Need?

UToledo provides free access to Office 365 for all registered students.  This cloud-based software allows you to save and access your files from any internet-enabled device (laptops, tablets, mobile) using One Drive and provides the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

Do You Have Access to the Internet and a Computer?

Visit our FAQs: Student Success in a Remote Environment page for detailed information on technology resources and Internet/wifi assistance and deals being offered during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This wi-fi locator tool might be helpful to identify locations in your zip code that offer free wi-fi.  Additionally, contact your local internet provider to see if they are offering short-term free packages or specials in light of the COVID-19 situation.  The state of Ohio also has a website offering options to access Ohio Wi-Fi Hotspots.


 Sometimes, despite your best efforts, challenges arise in remote learning.  Perhaps you're struggling to understand an assignment, or unable to access course material, or you don't have regular access to the internet or a computer.  When you have a question or concern, and you've checked that the answer isn't available in your course materials, reach out to your instructor sooner rather than later.

The first step should always be to contact your instructor, via whatever methods they've instructed you to use.  Provide your instructor with a brief but specific explanation of your question or concern.  Make a specific request if you have one (e.g., you want a 2-day extension to submit your paper).  Provide them with information on how to contact you.  And always be respectful and use professional communication skills!

If your instructor doesn't respond right away, stay calm.  In remote courses they are often managing communications with dozens of students.  Wait a reasonable amount of time, then send a gentle reminder.

If you aren't able to resolve your questions or concerns with the instructor, you may choose to contact the Department Chair.  This is the person who oversees the program your course is located in (e.g., Math, English).  You can find a list of those programs here.

You should also seek the guidance and support of your Success Coach. (Phone: 419.530.1250. Email:  They can suggest strategies for addressing the problem or issue at hand and connect you with additional resources to help you resolve the situation.

If you aren't able to resolve your questions or concerns with the Department Chair, you may choose to contact the Dean of your college your course is located in (e.g., Arts & Letters, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, etc.).  You can find a list of the Colleges here.


The Learning Enhancement Center

The Learning Enhancement Center (LEC) provides general support to build academic skills and tutoring in many subjects.

Online Learning

The LEC uses the eTutor platform to provide online tutoring.  All UToledo students have access to eTutor and can create an account from the eTutoring website linked on the LEC webpage.  There is a YouTube video on how to setup a student account and information sheet to ensure the process is as easy as possible.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center provides support to student writers in all disciplines.

Online Writing Support

Synchronous (existing or occurring at the same time) or asynchronous (not existing or occurring at the same time) appointments are available for you to schedule.  To schedule an Online (synchronous) or eTutoring (asynchronous) appointment, please go here.


Center for Success Coaching

Success coaches provide individualized support in the following areas.  This is not an exhaustive list:

  • Help students be proactive and empowered through course-related challenges
  • Referrals to academic support services and other campus resources
  • Time management, study strategies and stress management
  • Connections to campus engagement and experiential learning opportunities
  • Budgeting, navigating financial processes and financial literacy/wellness
  • Career and major exploration, career development and goal setting

The Center for Success Coaching is available for a range of appointment types to best meet your needs: phone, text, or video chat. 

Please contact the Center for Success Coaching at 419.530.1250 to schedule a meeting time and format that works for you.

Academic Advising

If you have questions about your major or minor, course planning, dropping a course, or other issues related to your academic programs, please contact your Academic Advisor.  You can find links to each College Advising office here.  You can also find the name of your assigned academic advisor by logging into the myUT Portal > Student Tab > Student Profile - New > your advisor name is listed in the middle of the page.

Career Services

Career Services is available via video conferencing, phone calls, and email for all career services needs. Students can register for an appointment via Handshake or contact for additional assistance.

Employment Opportunities: To better assist students who have recently lost their jobs due to COVID-19, Career Services has put together a list of companies that are currently hiring with links to their respective application sites here:

You can still access the full list of jobs and internship opportunities via Handshake, Student Opportunity Center, and GoingGlobal, which can be found under "University Career Services" in the myUT Portal > Student Tab.

Mock interviewing: Big Interview is an excellent resource to learn about interviewing and practicing your skills independently.  You can also schedule a virtual mock interview via Handshake.

Virtual workshops/Events:  Career Services has a range of virtual web conferences and videos to meet career development needs. They will be covering resume/ CVs, video interviewing, Linked-in, and more. To get a full list of events, visit:

Accessibility and Disability Resources, Office of 

Each year, the Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources serves hundreds of students across all disciplines and campuses who experience access barriers in the following areas: technological, physical, attitudinal or programmatic (academic, social or university-wide.) Disability related access issues might be connected to psychological, learning, mental health, chronic health, physical, sensory, temporary and/or other medical conditions. We promote inclusion by providing access through accommodations so that students with disabilities and medical conditions can have the same opportunities to participate in the UToledo education experience. The affiliation process is quick and easy and can be completed online by starting here: .  We invite you to connect with their office by calling 419.530.4981 or emailing if you have any questions or concerns. 


TRIO SSS is providing service to students virtually at this time.  Staff are accessible via email, phone, and through virtual meetings using Blackboard Collaborate.  If you have questions, please email and a staff member will respond to you.

UToledo Counseling Center

The UToledo Counseling Center is available to provide counseling, mental health and wellness programming, and crisis intervention services to help students cope with the demands of college and to facilitate the development of life adjustment strategies.  


Coronovirus Info for Students, Borrowers, and Parents | Federal Financial Aid

Rocket to Rocket FundThe Rocket to Rocket Fund consists of charitable donations provided by individuals who want to assist UToledo students facing unexpected financial hardships.  For more information and to apply, click here.

Office of Student Financial Aid:   All questions regarding financial aid are handled by Rocket Solution Central (RSC).  While University offices are working remotely, you can still connect with RSC staff by emailing or calling 419.530.8700.

Other Resources

Please click here for a list of campus service resources that may be helpful.



Last Updated: 6/27/22