Center for Success Coaching

FAQs: Student Success in a Remote Environment

These common FAQs have been developed to help you best navigate multiple course modalities this fall - remote, hybrid, and online learning. 

Please visit the Student Resources for Remote Learning page for helpful information to navigate remote learning.

It is also recommended that you visit the UToledo Center for Success Coaching YouTube Channel for helpful videos.  

How do I start tutoring? Are SI (Supplemental Instruction) sessions available? How do I access them?

Monitor the Learning Enhancement Center website for the latest updates!   

E-tutoring is available for online tutoring assistance. Tutors work diligently to provide specific, individualized guidance.  

Additionally, if you seek LIVE e-tutoring support in the covered areas, realize tutors are not available round-the-clock. We urge you to study the schedule on the e-tutoring home page and determine when you can return for assistance. If you are hard-pressed, we invite you to submit an eQuestion that will be answered as promptly as possible. 

How do I contact my professor? 

Open lines of communication benefit you as the student and your professor. Rocket email remains the recommended primary point of contact with professors. Instructors might offer video chat or phone options as methods of communication as well.  Monitor your email for  updates Avoid contacting your instructor by replying to Blackboard course announcements. This can go into a “black hole” and never reach the instructor! Be sure to email the instructor directly via email links in your Blackboard course, information on the syllabus, or by locating the professor’s contact info in the Campus e-Directory 

How do I connect with my academic advisor now? 

Please continue to utilize your academic advisor! Locate your advisor contact info hereAs you set up your advising appointment, they will discuss with you the various format options available for a meeting (phone, video conferencing, etc.).  

If you schedule a remote advising appointment, plan ahead so the session is productive!  If at home, find a quiet location with minimal disruptions for the call or video chat. Be sure to organize your thoughts and all the items you wish to address in the meeting. Share with your advisor what type of a learner you are (visual, auditory, etc.) and they will strive to work with the technology and options to make the session meaningful and clear for you.   

How do I make an appointment with my success coach?   

The Center for Success Coaching is available for a range of appointment types: phone, text, or video chat.  Please contact us at 419.530.1250 to schedule a meeting time and format that works for you.  

I am having trouble with my internet or I don’t have a good connection or access to wi-fi. What are my options?

The University of Toledo Libraries are currently open as well as computer labs on the UToledo campus.  You can also check if your local public library is open and an available resource.

This wi-fi locator tool might be helpful to identify locations in your zip code that offer free wi-fi.  The state of Ohio has also compiled a list of Ohio Wi-Fi Hotspots.

You are encouraged to also check with your wireless provider and get a MiFi unit (note: there is a low cost that may be incurred to your bill for this option).  Additionally, contact  your local internet provider to see if they are offering short-term free packages or specials in light of the COVID-19 situation.  

The Federal Communications Commission has released an agreement stating that providers will waive late fees, not cut off service for lack of payment, and open hot-spots.

I do not have access to a computer to complete my course work.  What can I do?

Please direct your inquiry to the IT Help Desk.  There are several ways to contact the UToledo IT Helpdesk.  

What about printing options?  

Please contact the IT Help Desk  at 419.530.2400 for possible available options on campus.   

How do I join the BlackBoard Collaborate or Echo Session? 

If you are unsure of how to join Blackboard Collaborate, directions (with screenshots) can be found hereIf you are unsure of how to access an Echo Session, directions (with screenshotscan be found here You can also contact the UToledo Online Help Desk for help.

What are instructors going to do about my exams? 

Each course may be handled differently, so be sure to check your Rockets email and Blackboard for course specific directions. If you are affiliated with Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources, please communicate with your accommodations specialist as needed for further guidance and support.  

What’s a proctored exam? How do I set up a proctored exam? 

A proctored exam is an exam that is supervised by a University approved staff member who ensures the identity of the examinee and the integrity of the testing environment. Please visit this helpful site for information related to locating a suitable proctor.  You can complete and submit a proctor request form on the site.  UToledo Online staff will contact the requested proctor to verify they are a suitable proctor.  Testing locations are also verified as part of this process.  

I’m having trouble viewing the material in the module, what do I do? 

If you are having trouble viewing information in Blackboard, contact UToledo Online Helpdesk. You can call 419-530-8835, email*, or use their “Chat Live” feature on the website   

* When emailing, please include your rocket number, course alpha-numeric code and section.  

How do I submit assignments? 

If you are unsure of how to submit an assignment via Blackboard, directions (with screenshots) can be found here You can also contact the UToledo Online Help Desk for help.

How do I make a journal entry or use the discussion board? How do I create a thread?  

If you are unsure of how to create a journal entry via Blackboard, outlined directions (with screenshots) can be found here You can also contact the UToledo Online Help Desk for help.

If you are unsure of how to use the discussion board on Blackboard, outlined directions, with screenshots, can be found here: 

My instructor is not answering me. What should I do? 

The COVID-19 situation is a mid-semester adjustment for your instructors as well! Thanks for exercising patience and professionalism. Be sure to identify how quickly to anticipate a response from each of your instructors.  Be careful yourself so as not to overlook a response: monitor email daily, check junk and/or spam email folders, and make sure emails aren’t in other inboxes such as your “focused” or “other” categories.  

If you haven’t heard a response from an instructor after a reasonable amount of time, verify you sent the email to their correct UToledo email address. Avoid contacting your instructor by replying to a prior Blackboard course announcement. This can go into a “black hole” and never reach the instructor! Be sure to email the instructor directly via email links in your Blackboard course, email info in the syllabus, or by locating the professor’s contact info in the Campus e-Directory 

If desired, students can escalate concerns to the chair of the department for that courseIf you are unsure who that person may be, please contact the Center for Success Coaching at 419.530.1250 or for guidance.  Contact information for UToledo faculty and staff can be found on the UToledo website 

My class uses a product other than Blackboard. Who do I contact for help?  

Contact your instructor and the vendor for assistance. You can also contact  UToledo Online  or  IT Help Desk to see if they have suggestions as well.  

How are office hours being handled?  

Monitor Rockets email for updates from your instructors about office hour modifications and options. Instructors might offer new and creative mechanisms to stay accessible to students!  

Last Updated: 6/27/22