Department of Exploratory Studies

Reinstatement Procedures

Please note that the Academic Review Committee does not approve reinstatement for summer semester.
Fall 2016 Semester Reinstatement Application Deadline: July 15, 2016
 Prior to completing reinstatement procedures, all eligible students must complete the following steps:
  1. Contact the college at 419-530-1250 to notify the Transitions Program Coordinator that you are interested in being reinstated. You will be required to provide information that will determine if you are qualified for readmission. Once it is determined by the Coordinator that you are qualified to be readmitted, you may move to the next step.

Once approved to move forward:

  1. Clear all account holds before submitting reinstatement documents. The Academic Review Committee cannot consider a student for reinstatement until all student account holds are cleared. Some examples of holds that will block your reinstatement and class registration are: past due balance holds; collections holds; disciplinary holds; and various fines such as parking or library fines. Students can check for student account holds by logging into the myUT portal.

  2. Check financial aid status and eligibility. It is important to note that academic probation or suspension is a separate process from financial aid probation or suspension. Students planning to receive federal financial aid must contact Rocket Solutions Central at 419.530.8700 or to verify their financial aid status and eligibility for the semester you are requesting to be reinstated.

  3. Submit the following documentation by the date listed above to be considered for reinstatement:
    1. Appeal Letter – This letter must be typed in Microsoft Word and attached to an email using your UT Rockets e-mail account (if you are still able to access it). Your letter should include a proper greeting and closing. The letter should address steps that you will take to significantly improve your academic performance upon your return to school. Your appeal letter must also include an assessment of your academic goals. This letter should be one page in length. Re-evaluate your priorities and consider the value of a college degree. You must include your complete mailing address, Rocket Number, e-mail address, and phone number(s) in your letter. Your letter will not be accepted if it does not contain your contact information.

    2. Academic Reinstatement QuizPlease read all of the following documents in order to complete the reinstatement quiz:

      Documents to Read:
      -          Academic Standing:
      -          Enrollment Status
      -          Class Rank:
      -          Academic Dishonesty:
      -          Academic Forgiveness
      -          Repeating a Course
      -          Adding and/or Dropping a Course:
      -          Grades & Grading
      -          Missed Class Policy
      -          Calculating Your GPA:
      -          How to Declare your Major:

      Reinstatement Quiz: Click Here to Download
      You must score a minimum of 18 out of 20 points on the quiz to be considered for reinstatement.

    3. Completion of the Reinstatement Student Academic Success Plan: Click Here to Download

E-mail all three documents (appeal letter, quiz, and success plan) to You must complete and submit all documents by the deadline: (see dates above for semester dates) for consideration of reinstatement. Documents received after this date(s) will not be reviewed or considered for reinstatement. Please do not wait to submit your materials until the last day. The sooner you submit your materials, the sooner the Academic Review Committee will be able to make a decision as to your possible reinstatement. If your reinstatement is approved, you will be notified via your UT Rockets e-mail account which is the University’s official mode of communication with you. You will also be notified via phone with the contact info provided to our front office. 

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