Department of Exploratory Studies


A student may be suspended from the university if they fail to maintain the required cumulative grade point average (GPA) for the number of semester credit hours attempted as follows: 

  • Less than 1.0 after attempting 10-19 semester hours
  • Less than 1.5 after attempting 20-29 semester hours
  • Less than 1.7 after attempting 30-39 semester hours
  • Less than 1.8 after attempting 40-49 semester hours
  • Less than 1.9 after attempting 50-59 semester hours
  • Less than 2.0 after attempting 60 semester hours

Note: A student may be suspended if the student falls below a cumulative GPA of 2.0 for two consecutive semesters after attempting more than 60 semester hours.

Academic Standing Policy

 A student under academic suspension may not enroll in classes at UT for a period of at least one semester.

NOTE! Financial Aid may have a separate and different appeal process for continuing to receive Financial Aid.

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Last Updated: 6/9/16