Department of Exploratory Studies

Transition Program

The Transition Program will assist a student in preparing for entrance into the college of his/her choice.

This program is for admitted students who have applied to another college or program here at The University of Toledo; however they have not met the admission requirements.

Transition program is for you if one of the following applies:  

  • Not fully accepted into college of choice
  • Missing ACT/SAT Scores
  • Minimum ACT/SAT requirements not met
  • GPA Requirements not met
  • Core high school curriculum is not met

While in the Department of Exploratory Studies, you will be provided with intensive guidance and advising, as well as, referrals to other support services (i.e. tutoring) that will prepare you even further for successful achievement of your academic goals.

After your first semester in the Department of Exploratory Studies you may declare your major if you meet the college requirements to do so based on your college course work and GPA.

Last Updated: 6/27/16