Dual Enrollment

Get Ahead!  Earn College Credit in High School

 What is Dual Enrollment?

The Dual Enrollment Program allows high school students the opportunity to earn high school and college credit simultaneously, while in their high school classroom. 

Students can pursue a challenging academic curriculum that will complement the high school educational experience.

The University of Toledo is building partnerships with high school districts to provide high-quality coursework and   instruction in the high-demand areas of advanced mathematics, natural science, foreign language and other disciplines. Your high school teacher becomes your college instructor. 

High School students can earn college credit at a fraction of the cost.

 Eligibility Requirements

Qualifying high school students may enroll in a dual enrollment course in a  participating school. The University of Toledo establishes qualifications for dual enrollment courses and the partnering high school will determine if a student is eligible to participate

  • Student must be a high school junior or senior in good standing
  • Meet GPA requirement set by the high school
  • Meet college class pre-requisites           
  • If required, take on-site UT placement test    
  • Obtain permission to participate  from parent/guardian and high school 
  • Must pass all sections of Ohio Graduation Test.  

 How to Get Started

  • Register with high school to participate
  • Complete Dual Enrollment application, provided by high school, application deadline is generally the first week of June
  • Submit official high school transcript along with application to the high school office, including  the Program Approval form
  • Course registration will be handled by the University
  • Attend UT orientation at the high school
  • Attend class on high school campus during normal high school hours

Dual Enrollment Student Benefits

  • Earn college credit while in high school 
  • Gain confidence in completing college level learning
  • Use of college level text book and syllabus
  • Opportunity to visit UT campus
  • Access to online student support services such as tutoring and the Writing Center
  • Lower tuition, up to an 80% savings. Students are responsible for reduced tuition and book expenses.
  • Dual Enrollment students pay no application fee for admission to the program.

Grades and Transcripts

These are college level courses and will become a permanent part of a student’s collegiate record.

Students who attend another university after high school graduation,  must  verify the successful transfer of  the UT Dual Enrollment course to the new college or university. 

Teacher Selection

Dual Enrollment courses are taught by high school teachers with an advanced degree in mathematics, science or foreign languages and/or experience in the discipline.  The high school teacher will partner with a UT professor for training, course planning, and mentoring.

A University of Toledo professor ensures parity between the high school course and the university course. The Dual Enrollment courses have the same content and level of difficulty as classes offered to university students.


“Dual Enrollment is a terrific program to offer high school students as a means to assisting them in their college transition. With Dual Credit courses, students can earn college credit from familiar high school teachers and prepare to be even more successful in their college years.  We believe this will greatly reduce college remediation levels and increase persistence rates while also saving students and families a little money.  Talk about a win-win!  We are thankful to participate in this program with The University of Toledo.”

Brenda Frankart
Principal, Liberty-Benton High School
Ohio High School Principal of the Year 

“The University of Toledo has been most accommodating to meet the post-secondary needs of our students.  The UT faculty mentors have been in close contact and have provided a valuable source of professional development for our Dual-Credit teachers. The UT dual-credit classes have given our students an advantage as they matriculate to the university environment.”

Jeffrey J. Dever
Principal, Bowling Green High School 

“The students at Bowling Green High School have benefited greatly from the dual enrollment partnership between our district and The University of Toledo. Traveling in the unchartered waters of dual enrollment was incredibly smooth because everyone at The University of Toledo worked to support our efforts with this project. The UT faculty mentors provided excellent professional support for our teaching staff and the communication from the UT administration was outstanding. We hope our partnership continues for many years.”

Diane Tache
Assistant Superintendent Curriculum & Instruction
Bowling Green City Schools


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Dual Enrollment
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